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odd question :S

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by aaronxlv, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. So i got really high about a month ago and just now remembered to ask this..

    INstead of taking t-breaks is it possible to just cut down on your consumption of weed? like if it takes you say... 1.5 or so grams to get you high on average, you start to slowly smoke less and less? Or do you need to quit giving your body THC before it starts to remove it?

    hope this makes sense as to what im trying to say, if i was high right now i'd be able to explain it better :p
  2. um I guess you could do a step program with the bud, but I'd recommend doing cold turkey if I were you.
  3. It is, that's how I am. I could kill an eighth a day no prob and it was cutting into my wallet and I slowly started having less and I got down to a gram a day, but I still had a job I hated so I'd smoke all day at work and now that I'm back to a job that isn't shitty I'm not smoking at work anymore and I'm to like half a g a day [unless I'm smoking with other people] like I can pack .2 in my bowl now instead of like .7
  4. taking a tolerance break is much different than cutting down. your cannaboid and thc receptors in your brain change over the time of everyday smoking, and putting less in than previously is far different from cutting your brain off for an extended period of time. but yes, slowly stepping down will make it easier for you to get high off of less herb. also try having less sessions in a day. only smoke once a day and youll feel the effects more than if you have multiple sessions daily.

    i still recommend a t-break!
  5. you cant just make it lighter and lighter if u want to get the same high as before if you do a T-break then start with little then you will get higher

  6. You can certainly do this. Tolerance is mostly in your head....I can smoke a 1.5g blunt between two heads and get wrecked, but can still get an enjoyable high from two hits of my vape.

    Try limiting your amounts by .1g at a time, and document how you feel each time. Eventually over time, you should be over to take 2-6 hits and be at your desired level.
  7. As long as you continue to blaze, you will be still be adding THC to your body so the only way to get it out of your system is take at least a 4 to 5 week break.

    To find your threshold, or to cut back consumption, start packing single rips and waiting 5 or 7 minutes before packing another. A big mistake is people smoke a shit ton in a very small amount of time and don't realize that they smoked a lot more than needed to get the high they were looking for. This is very true for excellent quality nug so pace yourself to see how much or how little is needed to reach the desired effect.
  8. Im having a hard time mentally taking a tollerence break, one of the first things I think about it pot, before food or anything really. Im gona put my bong back into its box for a bit soon... famous words right.

    Any helpful hints, Ive been smoking everyday for less than a year.

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