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  1. This is my month old baby and I just topped her a few days ago. I am having a few weird spots on my set of sucker leaves on the bottom (not very concerned) but where I topped and the new growth coming out has slight brownish tips and the little hair like growth on main stem seem like they have been burned up. Now I keep them inside depending on the weather under a single small cfl and two small leds but the weather has been nice the past few days nothing above 70 but good direct sun all day Im not sure where im going wrong. . I use happy frog as my medium with nothing else. No feeding scedual. Water from an actual mountain spring. I'm not sure if its just a small thing maybe got a Lil sick? I'm not sure. Help please. Much appreciation :)
  2. Your picture is not loading and this would be very helpful. Without a picture cant tell much

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  5. When you topped did you just cut the new leaves coming or did you cut the stem? You arent supposed to cut stem
  6. She looks better today if you would like some right now pictures it may help my issue.
  7. I did not cut atall. I took the node and gently with fingers bent it back n forth for the perfect break off. No scissors. Only a month old.
  8. I would just wait a week and see what happens. If anything gets worse or changes you can let us know
  9. Well just because the quality of those pictures I took a better one. This is her now. Let me know what you think.

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  10. She looks good, bro. I don't see any issues there, good luck.
  11. Yeah she started to look better for me today I wasnt sure what was going on. Seemed to have slight brownish tips on the very small new growth the past two days but I dont think i need to worry too much. You can see what im talking about in the first picture i put in a reply. Thanks !
  12. Those lil brown specks on those tips are just dried plant juice, like blood, from the minor injury caused by topping. Not an issue, you'll see.
  13. Well I would have never thought of that! Thanks a lot for the insight brother. I've topped a few of my girls before but must of never payed attention to the growth that earlier or did it cleaner who knows. Haha
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