odd leaf formation?

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    im new to growing and i just want to make sure everything with my plant is looking okay, what would you say?

    ^^should the leaves be bending like that so far?


    this is my first plant so i could just be freaking over nothing but i just wanted a second opinion on how it looks, probably from someone who knows a thing or two.:D
  2. It looks like you are using a halogen light. That is the reason why your leaves are bending and are very small. Those are extremely inefficient and produce heat that is not good for your plant (hence the droopy leaves).Invest in some cfls. You want to get the daylight ones or cool white. These lights will give off much less heat, are 5x as efficient, and will be good for your plant in the vegetative phase, which is the phase it is in now. Start with an 18/6 light cycle.

    After about 4 weeks (or however long you want to veg) switch to soft white cfls. These give off a yellowish tint. Change your lighting schedule to 12/12 as well. Your plant will show its sex and you will be able to determine whether its a female or male. You really need to make these changes now if you want to succeed in growing your plant.

    Also if you have extra seeds i would suggest you germinate and plant those as well, so your chances for a female increase. Nothing worse than going through all that work for nothing.

    That should about cover it for your basics on lighting and answer your question.
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    yeah, here is the catch, im using clf's, im actually using 3 26watts. and the 26watts are equivalent to more than 100 watts a piece, but i took your advice(in a way) with your heat suggestion, i had a heater right next to the grow room, and i just simply turned the heat down and after an hour or so the leaves perked right back up! so thanks!
  4. For growing reefer with CFLs we only count the actual watts, not the equivalency. :smoke:
  5. oh, hmm. well my friend gave me his old setup that he's been using for all his micro grows and it seemed to work for him. But im sure that would help me out more, thanks!:D
  6. I'm not saying you won't be able to grow anything with you or your friend's set-up, but using "equivalency" I could say that I have over 1800 watts of CFLs in my grow areas but the fact is that I have 18 bulbs that use 26 watts each for a total of 468w.

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