Odd leaf burn?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Froggums, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. When I checked on my plants today a couple of the leaves on one of them had weird burns on them. It looks as though something very hot was lain across the leaf to cause a burned area in a stripe, and the part of the leaf past the burned area is shriveling. I am onloy using flouro lights which arent hot enough to burn the plant like this, and the plants arent close enough to touch the lights anyway. What could cause a burn like this? :confused:


    Thank you in advance for any help. :)
  2. lol Thanks Doug. I assume you are referring to my pipe anyway. It is my first and only piece. :smoke:

    Anyway, back to the burned leaf... anybody have a clue what could have happened?
  3. man that is a nice pipe there bro!

    Hey can you tell me a bit more info about your garden

    like how big are the plants?
    what size pots are they in? soil? hydro?

    what nutrients are you using if any and how much?
    what ph is your run off or ph of your hydro setup?
  4. This is my first grow, 2 plants. They are just from bagseed, set up in a closet. I don't have the money to put together an elaborate setup.

    The plants are each about 2 ft tall, still vegging. Haven't measured the pots, they are each more than a gallon in size tho. They are just in regular potting soil. There are some fertilizer spike things I put in the soil, just generalized fertilizer for indoor plants. There hasn't been any nute burn on the leaves since they were really young. And I don't have the stuff to test the ph. What do I need to get to test that?

    The burn just showed up on a few leaves at the top of one of my plants. I thought it was odd that the burn showed up as a stripe across the leaf. The tip isnt burned, just the stripe.

    PS. I'm not a bro, I'm a sista.
  5. well by the looks of it , it looks like the cfl got a bit to close to the leaf if that leaf came off the top part of the plant

    yes CFL can and have burned leaves
    they did that to me

    they need to be kinda close but they still get burned

    to test your ph you need either a digital ph pen or ph test strips

    since your low on a budget you need ph test strips
    you need to water your plant and then at the bottom when the water comes out you need to collect it in a clean glass and stik the strip in the water and then it will come up a color or whatever brand there is, they have different ways depending on the brand

    but thats how you test the ph
  6. Thanks for the info Stitch. What kind of stores carry the PH test strips? home and garden places?

    I'm still baffled by the burn, the plants arent close enough to touch the lights. It is just random I guess.
  7. they dont ned to be as close as you think, all it takes is a high wattage radiant heat over hours to burn it

    yes home and garden does carry those
    where did that leaf come from on the plant?
  8. Not quite the top, a couple nodes down.

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