Odd Idea

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by StonedChaos, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. So if i added vanilla extract to the water everytime i watered my plants
  2. probably just rot your roots....i dunno
  3. Haha im stoned i didnt finish it before i posted it i was wondering if i added vanilla extract to the water would it add flavor to the weed?
  4. People do this.

    You don't want to do it with every watering, though. It's only important for the last watering before harvest.
  5. i doubt it does much of anything

    do it to one plant and not to another to test :)
  6. Personally I don't see how it could affect the taste or smell of your plants if only done the last watering... I think it would have to be continuous through out the grow.. Most people let their plant sit w/o water the last bit right before harvest to finish soaking up any nutrients left in the soil and what not.. And as the plant dries, I dont see the vanilla NOT being broken down into something the plan may use, or even discard because it doesnt need it...

    But likemordgrow said... Do it to one plant, and not the other, and let us know what happens.. Do a field test with a friend, give him one sample w/o the vanilla, and one with.. and ask him the difference..

    And mordgrow... I hate your Avy.. Its hard to concentrate with those things out there.. Wish I could find a girl that looked like yours and liked to, or didnt mind growing haha... Which reminds me.. I need to stop by and see how your basements goin :p

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