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  1. So smoking a 10 gram joint, and going through an ounce between 2 other of my friends on 420 wasn't good enough, so heres my plan for next year. I'm going to attempt to overdose on marijuana. ;) what are your suggestions for next years 420? Or my birthday in july.

    I don't actually expect to od lmao, just wanna get super duper high. :smoke:
  2. Buy a pound. Smoke.

  3. Dude in all honesty that seems like a waste, use a bong or vaporizer for that much.. :cool:
  4. If I were to smoke anything past a blunt to the face I wouldn't get any higher.

  5. haha we did it for fun, I bought some foot long papers, and it burned so good. I've also got a 15'' hi si double U perc with syn inline ash catcher.
  6. Whats the point of a 10 gram joint? To put alot of weed into something thats extremely awkward and uncomfortable to smoke, all so you can say, "I/we smoked a 10 gram joint".

    Roll a bunch of normal joints, or just smoke out of some nice glass. Much easier, and won't waste nearly as much.
  7. there is a plateau that you will reach when smoking.

    to combat this asshole of a block stick to the essentials:

    mangoes - delicious and more high
    edibles - for the "holy shit! high."
    blunts - for the "what am i doing? high."
    bongs - for the "where is the floor? high."
    vape - for the "i am a philosopher and this is the best movie every made. high."
  8. Have fun sleeping. I do it every night, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your sleep was weed-induced.
  9. maybe you should ingest an ounce of marijuana by yourself (via baked goods of course)
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    Buy a pound and smoke it in.234 seconds youll be blitzen
  11. Shove frozen cannabutter up your ass like that other kid did
    Make a thread

  12. Have fun throwing up. Post pics when you do. :wave:
  13. No cannabutter will be inserted into my anal cavity. I'll make a bunch of edibles, and see how that goes hahah.
  14. Everyone I've known who has gotten too high has not enjoyed it. I even had one friend recently who always has wanted more. He calls us lightweight because he can take so much cannabutter and still enjoy it. Until the one time he overdid it and had to leave his favorite buffet (Lai-lai's) before getting even his first plate, because he was freaking out. Normal people are too high when they get nauseous or sleepy or anxious. Guess he never felt those and was able to take it to the point of extreme paranoia. lol
    Anyway, if it's really what you want, try concentrating a bunch in some butter, then eat the butter. There's recipes all over GC, just make yours a little more potent.

    Cannabutter Buttons - 1/2 tsp. doses. Two is too much for me
  15. The only times im "too high" are if im in a public sitiuation and getting overly paranoid (Doesnt happen to me ever, no matter how high I am, in a chill environment like a friends house or my house) or im falling asleep.

    Falling asleep definitely happens more for me, even if its sativa.
  16. You're going to have to try harder than that.

    A lethal dose of marijuana is the equivalent of 5000 pounds smoked in 5 minutes. Good luck.
  17. I would consider trying it if someone else was paying. :D

    Whether I got the lethal dose or not, I would still be high well into my next lifetime. :hippie:

    And then need a ten million year t-break. :cry:

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