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  1. So i have a couple of question, if anyone has ever grown outside in fl your tips would be much appreciated.

    This is my first time growing outside(last year I tryed but didnt even see bud).
    I was wonderind when would a be a good time to start?
    How much sunlight should I be looking for?
    And how long would it take?
    I have a couple different spots im gunna try to grow at, just to see which would be the best,
    all are pretty close to my house.

    Thanks in advanced.
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    You can check out Oldskool1010's winter thread. He's an excellent grower from Florida. You need minimu 5 hours direct sun. Florida has longer summer and SPring or something so you can grow more than in other places. So I'm not sure when's the grow time. Good luck. Look at the Outdoor grow guide sticky for stealth and other info. Avoid houses (people...) :wave:

  3. you can plant down here anytime after ur last frost but the problem is if you plant now by september you will have monsters 6-10 foots'..
    yes you need atleast 5+ houres of direct sunlight on the majority of the plant per day...

    also you can plant now and your plants will show sex and start to bud for a few weeks be4 revegin... but i would wait a little bit be4 planting unless you want monsters
  4. how do you know when the last frost is?
  5. depends on where in florida you live.. aearch weather.com or google it..
  6. i think the last frost is over. its been gradually getting warmer and warmer. if you start seedlings indoors, by the time they are ready to go outdoors they should be fine. good luck :smoking:
  7. I would caution about starting them indoors unless you intend to veg them to maturity and then set out to flower. Doing that, you can make your plants flower all summer.

    Florida has a pretty uniform day/night times. there is only about four hours difference between the longest day in June and the shortest in Dec.

    I would wait until much later to start seeds. If you start now, they will begin flowering in August...the hottest, most humid time of year. You will grow dope, but the buds will suffer. Try to figure backward from your first frost. (Not sure how high up the state you are)

    I'm planting my 2009/2010 crop in July/Aug.
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    I live by daytona, and when should I start them?
  9. I'd start in June/July for a November harvest but you can start earlier if you want to let the plant get bigger.
  10. Thanks Oldskool for helping out these gentlemen!

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