Ocean Forest, pH question

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  1. Using Ocean forest, is it better to water with pH adjusted water @ 6.5, or to water with a pH necessary to make the runoff 6.5. Also, if adding dolomite lime to the mix, what ratio? Is the dolomite lime a time-released form of calcium so I shouldn't have to worry about a nute lockout caused by too much?

    Thanks guys! This has been gnawing at me for a few days now...
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  3. Add the lime at the rate of 2tbl/gallon of mix, or 1cup/cf of mix. Best added to the mix before use, but can be top dressed if the plants are already planted.

    I guess you could call it time release, it's simply ground up limestone rock.

    With a well limed mix/soil, I don't pH anything. There is no need to, the lime will buffer it into the correct range.

    No need for more calcium either.

  4. Do you test your runoff? Is that really important.... man, I cant imagine not having to pH test anything!
  5. No, I don't test runoff or anything going in. My Milwaukee SM101 hasn't been out of the box in months.


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