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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Monsterkush100, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. hey guys, I struggle with Obsessive compulsive disorder that’s really body hindering. And I find that the cbd flower makes it better and THC makes it worse. Am I getting the wrong strain? Or should I get a lower THC percentage?
  2. If the thc makes it worse then u answered urself man,,not bein a smartass im js,,maybe try a 1:1 ratio and if that dont work just use a high cbd strain

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  3. Are you in a legal state? Coming from someone who has dealt with OCD that left me crippled for years. I suggest CBD flower, I find that a nice 1:1 ratio pretty amazing for it. But CBD flower from a reputable vender will have some positive effects. Got to do some experimenting.
  4. I agree with smokeout69.....if THC makes it worse, get.....or stay with, a CBD strain.
  5. Im not in a legal state.
  6. I'm extremely sorry to ask this but i can't seem to understand the definition of OCD. Can someone give me examples of what it means?
  7. Stands for Obsessive Compulsive example would be......let's se here..........someone having to touch a door handle 8 times before they can open it and go through....or someone "having" to take the same route to and from somewhere...there are better examples out there for ya...I'm sure someone will explain it
  8. I thought almost all the states had cbd legally now.

    If the thc is too high in whatever you're smoking, and you can get cbd, just take a little to mellow it out.
  9. Aint that the guy that was just talking bout re-hydration?

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  10. :lmafoe:.......surely enough it is....didnt pay any attention
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  11. Maybe he didn't want to make the same mistake as he did on the word rehydrate.
  12. Its wen your mind tells you to do something that u don't wanna do. And u think if u don't something bad will happen. My mind knows that my thoughts r ridiculous but because its something wrong with the brain its hard to control
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