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  1. So yeah don't make fun of me, it's pretty hard.. I have Ocd.. and I have these, urges I guess, to squint my eyes sometimes and to do wierd things. Well I sometimes do it openly when I'm high, but the thing is I did it in the mirror (While high), and it isn't noticeable while high.. When I'm not high it is.. Also, no one looks at me like I'm wierd like they probably would if I did it noticably while not high, and these people aren't even high at times so you can't assume they're too stoned to care. Anyway, if you have ocd, do you think this is stopabble? I imagine once my tolerance gets up it'll go away. :) Just needed to get dat shit out.
  2. i have ocd so badly that i call it cdo because i like it to be in alphabetical order
  3. I probably have OCD. I have this thing where I constantly rub the edges of the toes and fingers, where the fingernail meets the skin. If I don't rub it feels like they're coming off. Not mentally, I literally have a physical discomfort if I don't rub the edges.

    I also grab my fingers really tightly without realizing it and try to crack my knuckles even when they're already cracked.

    I'm a highly technical guitar player so I guess you could just say its just being careful. If I lose my fingers I lose my future.
  4. I have severe OCD and have made threads about it back in November and January. It's a curse I tell ya.
  5. Yeah I get that same physical feeling.. like my eyes are just empty.. like the brow part. It's hard to explain, and yeah it is a curse. People don't understand how much of a pain in the ass it is. I'll probably see if there's a "Cure" when I'm older, but for now it's okay. And @"Saywhatagain", your wimpy ass would probably kill yourself if you actually had ocd. It's not really funny when you have it.
  6. OCD runs in my family.
    I wouldn't say that I have it REALLY though I do exhibit some indicators.

    I like symmetry, and don't like things to be uneven.
    (Except for jewelry and hair)
    The symmetry thing even goes for my body as well, sometimes I will scratch one side of my face and feel obliged to scratch the other etc.






    For some reason, and this is the crazy OCD part, I repeat this number process in my head on an almost daily basis.
    I don't know when or why it started, but when I start it, I have to do it to the end.

    Though yeah, I keep it to myself.
    I don't have certain amounts of times I have to do everything etc, and don't have to do anything verbal in conjunction with my actions.
  7. I have symptoms like that, I have to go over things in my head (Like a phrase I've thought once but that just sticks for a few months.) It sucks, but at least it's not too bad. I just wish the physical urges would go away. No one really notices me doing anything wierd (I'm always hiding it), but that doesn't make it much easier. I just don't want it to get the best of me.
  8. I have it but it's manageable for me now cause
    Of therapy but at the start of the year I was being mentally tortured. The key is the ignore the fuckin shit out of it. It takes a lot of practice you gotta be dedicated to get rid of it.

  9. Alright, thanks man. I've tried but I always lose hope and you never hear of anyone that has it as bad as you, unless they're open with it.. So I thought it was uncurable without medication. Thanks again :)
  10. I have OCD and i do all sorts of weird ticks by accident. I always clench my jaw and smile really big and awkward by accident in stressful situations.

    Go see a therapist or psychiatrist and see if you can get on a low dose of medicine. The anafernil i take for it helps a 1000x
  11. [quote name='"BudandOCD"']

    Alright, thanks man. I've tried but I always lose hope and you never hear of anyone that has it as bad as you, unless they're open with it.. So I thought it was uncurable without medication. Thanks again :)[/quote]

    Hey I'm really good with dealing with my OCD in a lot of other ways message me if you need anything or need any advice. For now I would stop smokin weed until you get yourself to a manageable state too.
  12. I have OCD... Well a form of. It's OCD but it's medically proven not to be so. The symptoms are similar though. Let me say that after suffering severly from this disorder (i really had it pretty bad) beginning in the 5th grade I was only finally able to break out after the very first time I smoked pot. True story I'm not shittin you. The night after smoking when my issues always got worse I just magically told my self 'not tonight'. Well and since them my issues have been pretty manageable. The big problem I encountered nightly completely stopped that first night. The other minor issues are now controllable I just have to realize what's happening and get control over my body and mind again. It's not easy sometimes. But damn weed is truly a miracle for me.
  13. I don't know if it's OCD or not but I have to sort of jerk my head up. Not like wildly head bang but just slightly and then after shake my head as if im saying no really quick. Sometimes when I feel like I really have to do it I will gesture a "sorry, my bad" to the wall while doing the thing with my head at the same time. When I'm baked I seem to do it for about 5-10 minutes. It's weird cause I will only do it when I know I'm alone.
  14. I like to call it CDO because it has to be in strict alphabetical order!
  15. I used to do a whole bunch of stuff like touch both sides of the faucet when I use it, but the worse was this neck thing i did, I would extend my neck to the side at a weird angle but then it started to hurt after about 2 years, got scared and stopped. I don't get much urges to do it or any other OCD things anymore, I just said fuck it, and stopped everything at once. But i still brush my teeth in a certain pattern and when I eat those fry-like shrimp chips I alternate them in my mouth and bite them with the whole row of teeth.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. I got ocd too, but it's faded over the last couple of months. I started doing that thing where you stop yourself from 'satisfying' your compulsions, it's hard for about 30 minutes, but then the urge fades away, and dude, i promise, every time you do this, the urge gets noticeably smaller next time. It's called ERT or something, you can do it at home.
  18. For the physical compulsions, I can get being able to potentially curb that - but very hard to make your brain stop doing something...I think I'd need to like meditate or get hypno'd to get rid of the counting thing.
    Definitely not about to medicate myself though, so I'm safe.
    I'm at ease with my thing personally, but I can understand anyone who's not.

  19. I'm fine with the mental parts, but the physical parts are annoying. Thanks for the help everyone :)
  20. in all seriousness though, i got into trouble a little bit back and ended up in jail. after being stuck in such a small area for so long, now i have to keep everything clean. more organized than clean. everything has it's spot and as soon as i see it in the wrong place i stop what i'm doing to fix it or i'll get anxiety until i do.

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