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  1. This is something ive wondered. i know its highly unlikely, but if america was invaded and occupied by soverigned china, how would the adverage american be treated during the occupation? would they make it fair and feed us well? or would there be mass extermination and laybor camps?
  2. It would make no sense for China to invade us.

    Yes, our Government owes them much money, but our businesses buy huge amounts of their shit with cash or at least private financing.

    Would they want to kill/invoke hardship upon 1/3billion of their best customers? Doubtful.

    And what would they GAIN by invading? Some land 1/2 a world away? Not much of a payoff when there are other, larger countries with less military power that they don't have to travel across the ocean to invade (India, Russia, Ukraine just to name 3).
  3. ^ this

    it wouldnt make sense for china to do anyhitng rash considering leaching off america is how they became great, and it is how they will stay great
  4. Good luck for china. Good thing about america is we are all armed to the teeth. Even if our government fails, good luck to china going house to house. A new surprise would wait in each one. Much like the muslim terrorist we send soldiers over to fight .
  5. China has very little force projection as far as I know so they are nothing to worry about.

    They can defend their country but as far as traveling the world and taking over ours they aren't gonna be that lucky.
  6. From a quick google and wiki search, it looks like China is close to getting one or two aircraft carriers operational. Obama takes more swagger than that with him when he goes on a peaceful visit to India.
  7. There are other types of warfare than physical combat. Look for that.

  8. The plumpest of you would be coated in a nice tasty Sweet n Sour sauce and cooked... Served with some fried rice i am sure this would make a most tasty dish.
    The Chinese could then freeze these dishes and sell them all over the world.

    Perhaps because of the amount of dishes that could be made from your average plump and succulent American these meals could be served at a price that would make this meal affordable to us poor savages in other parts of the world... Those of you that were going to the pot could take heart that from your sacrifice that many hungry children would be fed.

    Those Americans that are healthy and fit could be trained up as Chef's and work in the kitchens and packaging centres that would pop up all over the US...

    Of course any Americans involved in the magnificent US Porn industry would be saved and left to continue their important work...
  9. I wouldn't mind orange chicken and rice for the rest of my life

    Jk fuck that noise
  10. Soylent teriyaki is made of people!!!

    It's people!!!


    Why did the forum make my all caps post not all caps. Frickin' corporatist swine editing my posts. It's BS I tells ya!

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