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Occupations involving pot?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blazeon, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Well first I'll start off by saying im enjoying a nice vaporizer session and got thinking.:smoking:

    I'm going to start college soon I had a 3.0 in highchool and ive applied to schools of a decent caliber, ie. URI ,Umass Amherst, Bryant, etc. 1790 combined SAT. so what im getting at is i consider myself a pretty smart person.

    I love marijuana, just relaxing, and how calm and peaceful of a person its made me, ive learned alot in the past year or so through some tragedies, so i am a little more mature and always have been. I like the spiritual ideas of weed, and how you can pretty much figure out things you would never think of not high. I consider myself a "decently" seasoned smoker.

    So what i have been thinking about is career choices, given my age, and majors i want to take. I was and still am pretty sure i will be going to school for business, however if i decide i want to do something else with my life i will go to law school instead.

    I also feel the gov. is mostly bullshit and i am the type of person where if i set my mind to it i will do it no matter how long it takes Id love to fight for its legality or something along those lines.

    Is there a job out there where you can work for like pot advocation and reforming laws? maybe working for NORML? what would it even pay? or what would i even do, i just have no info in this area and i figured id see what people say. giveyou guys something to be entertained by

  2. Yeah...get a job fighting that truth bullshit (funny ad, though)
  3. ...I go to URI. You don't have to be too smart to go there.

    I'm trying to become a math teacher. Figure it's real chill, I'll get a pension, great benefits, and honestly it's a easy job. Although I'll always live a mediocre life, I'll still probably be able to smoke weed and get off on snow days.
  4. horticulture.. then move to the netherlands to work with cannabis breeders developing new strains
  5. that would be the shit

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