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Occult Anatomy pt. 2

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by 1Trismegistus1, May 28, 2010.

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    I made a thread stating that there are many functions of the body, mostly in the breathing, that we are not really aware of even in the medical schools, and in another thread I pointed out an asana for "dreaming true". So I figured hey, what the hell, make a thread that people can experience for themselves with no effort at all, as wisdom is knowledge experienced.

    The asana/position of the body has alot to do with certain exercises. I'm sure there's some of you who would think what does the body have anything to do with the mind unless it is in discomfort, and even then the mind can easily overcome the physical discomfort as has been demonstrated by the monks who lit themselves on fire in protest. I have a very simple exercise that will take you 6 minutes to experience.

    It has to do with the electric and magnetic fluids of the body, or the Yin and Yang as they call it in the Orient.

    Take note of which nostril you are most dominantly breathing through. For this example we'll assume that you are breathing through the left nostril. In health, every 3rd hour you will be breathing through both nostrils, or what is known as the shushumna breathe. So if this is the case the exercise will still work, but you may want to wait until the rhythm changes to be breathing through one nostril more dominantly to notice a more noticeable sudden change.

    One thing I might add before I give instructions on this, is that at about every hour your breathing goes from Yang/Sun, the right nostril if you are right handed, to Yin/Moon breathe in the left nostril, and then the hermaphrodite or shushumna breathe with is synonymous with the akasa principle in your body in breathing through both nostrils equally. It might not go in that exact order, and in times of illness one may need more of a certain powering of electric or magnetic fluids so one nostil may be "clogged" more than the other.

    I also might add that the Soul and Spirit do not have gender but are both, you do not possess a male or female soul, the thoughts of sexes only differ due to the physical hormones acting on the brain, which does have an influence on the way you act the same way alcohol/marijuana will cause you to become more care free.

    As I said in my other thread, there are many functions of the body, particularly in breathing, that humans do subconsciously and aren't even aware of medically.

    Shall we begin?

    Assuming you are currently breathing through your left nostril, the Moon/Yin/Magnetic breathing, lay on your left side, with your left leg straight and your right leg bent with the inside of your right heel on your left knee. Put your left arm so that it goes straight up from the body, and prop your head up on your hand, with the thumb in the indentation behind your left earlobe, and your fingers covering the far left side of your forehead. Your right arm will be bent at the elbow on your side, bent down over your stomach. If you are breathing through the right nostril, simply reverse the exercise to lay on your right side with the opposite limbs doing the positions. Here is an illustration


    Uploaded with

    That's it. Now, within 3 minutes, no longer, you will be breathing dominantly through your right nostril, the Sun breathe. You may flip sides and try it again if you need further proof, and within 3 minutes again you will be breathing through your left nostril.

    Now, try just laying on your side as if you were going to sleep. You will undoubtedly switch nostrils eventually do to your bodies natural rhythm within perhaps 20-40 minutes or even instantly if it is the natural time for the cycle to change, but there wont be such a pronounced effect where you can feel the nasal cavity abruptly open up. This is not the effect of gravity on your nasal passages. In the event that you do get results of changing nostrils within a few moments by only laying on your side, I challenge you to roll to the other side and attempt to have success again.

    If you only switch from left to right nostril, then roll over and simply lay on your right side, your body, having been straightened out, will likely go back to it's natural rhythm. Or if you do both sides going back to your origional breath, then try laying on your other side and it changes, it is likely that it was time for your natural change of breathing, and I challenge you to have a success of switching the dominant nostril of the breathing again by only laying on your side after a few moments of your bodies cycle adjusting to the new breathing.

    The reason this does what it does, is you are opening up the energy pathways in your nervous system on the side of your body that is straightened out, so it does not need as much energy to flow through the nerves to maintain the equilibrium. On the other hand, the other side of your body is bent up, the knee, the elbow, the neck, and it is becoming "starved" of its circulation so to speak, so to compensate for this the body begins to breathe in the type of etheric energy it needs to maintain equilibrium.

    The human anatomy is an amazing thing, and you'd be surprised at how little we really know about it's non-mechanical working.
  2. i can finally understand your entire posts :D
  3. Haha and how did you come about gaining this understanding? Was it the reading material I gave you, or something higher?
  4. ive probably got like 5 hours of sleep since you showed me that starting point

    since then ive started these meditations, read a fuck ton, and have been breaking down the bible

    my mind has been fucked
  5. Haha well that's good, though I would advise that you get the sleep you need because the body requires it to function properly. The fact that you are so dedicated is great, and I believe you are the first of my "students" to go at this with the dedication it requires. Many have asked me to help them only to state "i'm not ready yet, I want to 'live' first" as they put it. Meaning they wanted to dick around and have fun and watch tv and do nothing instead of working towards the evolution they desire. Often times I see these people online and they talk to me, and they will have been online for hours at a time, when they could have been applying that time to develop but they'd rather fry their brain on the internet.

    Many people want power, but they want it given to them. When they find out it takes around 3-5 years of absolute dedication and isn't gonna happen in only a few months all of a sudden it's not so desirable, it becomes an unfulfillable dream in their eyes. This trait is found particularly in drug users, because they find the instant gratification of drugs better than things worked for, they want the good right now, or an hour from now. They can't comprehend that the longer it takes to get to the good, the more rewarding that good is, and soon enough they realize the principles taught in Karma Yoga, that the working towards the fruit is better than the fruit itself, as the fruit begins to rot once it is finally plucked from the tree.
  6. its not that i dont wanna sleep, i just simply can't

    i cant even describe to you why
  7. Ah ok, the Light huh? You'll keep chasing it more than any high would ever make you.
  8. its not always easy to dedicate all your time to this when you have work full time, try to stay fit and keep some kind of social contact with people that dont understand anything about you

    it would be easier if i had a friend to do this with and i might but again i dont want to be always seemingly inconveniencing them by asking hey lets study or practice and their will isnt there

    so the march goes on, steady but surely
  9. I think if you did this "great work" for only 20 mins a night every night for a month you'd do more than 99.9% of people do in their entire life.

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