OC 80 for 20 bucks

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ACole420, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. M 596 Pill Identification

    Yea I picked up one of these bad boys last night off my friend for 20 bucks. It's generic but shit it still got the job done. I still got a half left that will probably get eaten tonite.

    Also last night I only took a quarter and I puked twice. But what I realized is that when I throw up on opiates I always feel so much better and even more fucked up in a good way. Anyone else get the same way?

  2. i used to get sick when i over did it on opiates when i first started doing them. all you gotta do is slowly build urself up.

    im the type of guy who will bump a 80mg in one night, but i like to take it in 20 mg steps. just so i can ease into my nod, not overdue it you know. or i feel icky.

    anyway, enjoy your pickup homie.
  3. Sweet man. I would love have one of those right now.
  4. ^^^ Thanks bro. See thats the thing I never take opiates due to my best friend throwing away his life on them. So when I do take them I have to take smaller amounts. I think today I going to break them into 10's and take it from their. Oh also I didnt take the 40 my friend took a quater last night also and he'll probably take the other quater tonite. 40 mg would FUCK me up and not in a good way.
  5. nice! $40 what i pay for a name brand o.c. down here but i can get roxis all day on the cheap.
  6. never done regular oc..

    nice pickup tho
  7. Yea this one is generic but it still got the job done to my satisfaction last night.
  8. did you eat or sniff?
  9. lucky fucking bastard..i have to pay 50 for an OC 80
  10. I ate this one. If it was a real OC I would have sniffed it but I heard that in the generic ones that have that filler that gels up in your nose when you sniff it. Idk if that true or not but I wasn't about to find out the hard way.
  11. Hell yea bro. Some people pay 80 for one around my area. And like I said before I hardly ever fuck with opies so when my friend was like 20 for one I was like :eek: and had to jump on it. Also the only reason why I got it for 20 is cause it was a good friend of mine and thats what he paid for them so he hooked me up but I returned the favor by smoking him up on a blunt last night.
  12. i pay 60. But i don't do em often enough to really care.
    Good looks
  13. Props to you man. Nice score! If i got my hands on one of those, I'd have to chop it into 10 pieces somehow to avoid vomiting. Probably a good thing.

    I've got a guy around here that sells 5mg OC's for $5. And I usually take two and a half of those, sometimes three. It takes the edge off family outings :cool:
  14. Same here. Fucking ridiculous. I don't even pay $50 for a full prescription of 150 oxycodone 15s. Damn black market. Makes me wish I was a chemist. I'd just make the little fuckers myself. ;)

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