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    the stats
    Strain: 2x Dutch Passion Blueberry
    Method: Hydro
    Lights: 2x 130w Xtreme LED's (all the way through, no switching for flowering)
    Nutrients: GH FloraMicro, Floragro, FloraBloom
    Ventilation: 4 inch diameter fan (dont know the cfm, buts its huge for the space i have)

    Pics are Day 2 (today). Ill update every few days. I'll be topping and lollipoping, but nothing fancy. Hope you enjoy the grow.

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  2. Alrighty, Begininng of Day 4 after the seeds popped and they are looking good. I had some stretching on the first day that has settled down. I think it was cause the seeds popped overnight and had time to start growing. But thats stopped now and they are growing leaves nicely.
    Once they get big enough I'll give each one their own light, but for now they are sharing.


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  3. Okay all you stealth subs out there, its the morning of day 7 and we continue to make progress, i just switched out their nuts (about 450 ppm) for the coming week. heres the standard three pics for visual oogling.

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  4. Day 10. I gotta say, taking good pictures is hard. Usually the LED causes the leaves to be a little blurry. So I messed with some of the camera settings to try to get the best picture. I think they are a little better but Im still working on it.

    The left plant is doin noticably better than the right, I wish I knew what Im doin to that one to make it grow quicker.

    Dont mind the two blocks in the middle, they are bagseed (three seeds in each) that I'm trying to grow and put outside once they get big enough, they'll make an appearance for the next couple of weeks but I dont really care if they do awsome, just as long as they live.

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  5. Subbed, good luck man im looking to do the same type of grow soon
  6. cool cuz, i hope its a good grow for ya.

    So I thought I would get into the nutrient mix Im using for those interested.
    Like I said before Im using the basic GH three part line.
    --Before I put the nuts in I use some PH down to get the water (which is usually around
    7.7 here) down to around 5.7 to 6.1. anywhere in that range and Im happy.
    --Right now during the vegging phase I use a 2:1 ratio of gro:micro.
    I just mix them till I get the proper ppm's I want.
    The water resevoir is 3 gallons, and I mix a gallon at a time.
    Heres the mixes I did for the first two weeks:
    1st week
    1st gal- 450 ppm
    2nd gal- 450 ppm
    3rd gal- 0 ppm

    2nd week
    1st gal 475 ppm/ 6.0 ph
    2nd gal 490 ppm/ 5.6 ph
    3rd gal 510 ppm/ 5.9 ph

    Ill put some more pics up in a couple days. I think Ill get into a rythm of putting pics up at the begining (after I change the nuts) and end of the the week.
  7. SOO purple!

    looking good man, Keep growing!

  8. Saturday, Day 13

    Tommorow Ill change the nutrients. Im happy with the growth of the left one, but as usual, righty is suckin. <----(I feel like Im talking about my nuts) Ill start topping soon.

    -------------The pair-----------------Lefty from the top---------Lefty from the side------------Righty from the top-----------Righty from the Side

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  9. So, some bad news, I was admiring the plants when I noticed significant white crap on the two bottom leaves of ol' lefty. Since I've had alot of wet weather here in VT the past week and my intake comes from outside the house I took it to be fungus. So I sprayed both plants with anti-fungal spray. Hopefully it will stop the spread. Any other friendly advice is always appreciated.
    I hope I caught it in time :(
  10. Damn if you can remove the leaf.
  11. I can... do you think that would be better for the plant overall?
  12. yea get it before it spreads
  13. I followed your advice CM, and cut the two bottom leaves of both plants (last night) since they both showed signs of infection (as well as sprayed them with a copper-based anti-fungal spray). This morning they look 'stabilized'. ie, it hasnt spread.
    Here's some observations about how this stuff looked as it spread, for you guys to look out for on your plants:
    -It spread REALLY quick. From a couple dots one morning to the whole leaf infected by the afternoon.
    -It started on the bottom leaves first and worked its way up. It also started on the top side only, not the bottom.
    -Its white colored, but not fuzzy, with a couple dark spots here and there.
    -The infected leaves curl up from the outside when the leave gets overwhelmed.

    I guess I'll know if I can stop worrying as time goes by.

    btw, nutrient change up time today.
    3 gallons total with each gal being mixed like so:
    600ppm/5.4 ph
    600ppm/6.0 ph
    550ppm/5.8 ph
  14. Man its been a nerve wracking past few days. Worrying about the plants and all. The 'whatever it is' has slowed to a complete stop, although some of the lower canopy leaves are showing some discoloration. The plants are still growing though. I cut a few leaves, and lowered the nuts in the water (trying to starve the fungus... who knows, maybe i was overfeeding them?
    Another wet week coming here in VT. Wish it would stop:devious:
    Props to CM for the advice

    The Pair--------------------------Lefty/top-------------------------Lefty/side----------------------------Righty/top-------------------------Righty/side

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  15. Looking good man ;)
  16. Ill check it out CM

    I topped today, heres a couple before and after pics. I'll give you the usual round of pics when i change the nutes tommorrow.

    Lefty before-------------------------Lefty after-----------------------Righty before------------------------Righty after

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  17. Do you think its a little early to be topin?
  18. nah, I've reached the 5th node on lefty and fourth on righty. I'll do it once more to get four good cola branches. The plants are still small because the light is so close to them and the nodes grow right on top of each other. Once I pull back the light they'll stretch more.
  19. Day20

    The plants are looking good. I can already see the effects of yesterdays topping, two branches are being grown. I'm keeping the nuts at about 500 ppm. It's getting a bit hot in the room (i reached 90 yesterday). So I bought some car sound deadening material online, when it gets here I'll cover the exhaust fan and the door to the closet, so i can turn on the exhaust fan during all the light hours to keep the place cool and not be super loud.
    *Note* Im sure you can see the copper spots left from the anti fungal spray on righty top, have no fear, she's healthy :)

    The Pair-----------------------Lefty top-------------------------Lefty side----------------------righty top-----------------------------righty side

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