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Obsidian Piece

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hello Kitty, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Can it be done, it's pretty much the same thing as glass, plus it would look fucking awesome. Can it be done?

    Here's some examples.


    How sexy would that pipe be?
  2. I can imagine somebody drilling come holes in one of those and calling it a pipe...

    "Yeah, oneth you get patht the cut lipth, thith thing ith awethome!"

    But if you sand it down properly and with the right tools, I'm sure you could make one.

    Something handy every homemade-piece-savvy stoner should own: Dremel Stylus ftw.

    Made a couple really nice home made glass pieces with one of those..
  3. I'll see if I can buy a pre-smoothed piece and drill a hole in it. I'll just need to go get a glass drill bit. It would be cool to have a unique pipe.

    I found an opaque green piece on ebay. Not smoothed though.

  4. Diamond dust. Anything diamond coated will get you through.. Well, fuck, anything.
  5. obisdian. hmmmm.

    I've seen ads for pipes made of medium sized river rocks. Just have holes drilled in and shit.

    Obsidian is volcanic glass so I'm pretty sure you can make a peice from it.
  6. It would look pretty sick if it could be done right. Go for it, and post it when it's finished.
  7. That would be sick, i would sooo buy a piece made out of that. If/when you make it or buy it post some pics!!

    A bong made out of that would be better, but a piece that big would be hard to come by, i imagine.....
  8. I know of a site that sells naturally-occuring stone pipes... But, can't post the link =/
  9. i think it would be cool. but one problem. when hard stone heats un-evenly it is very prone to cracking. the bowl area would heat much faster then the stem and cracking would happen long for sure in the long term.

    but i'm not sure, if i saw a cheap one i would still pick it up.
  10. you can get black coral and volcanic rock pipes, just google celebration pipe
  11. fucking A.

    obsidian is hard to carve, though, like most carving stones. you will need to read up a little bit on how to strike it the right way to break away only the unwanted mass.

    you'll be like an aztec.

    i actually had found an obsidian spearhead (modern recreation, obviously) laying around, i wish i could find it, it's laying around the house somewhere. i never truly realized it's awesomeness.
  12. it is glass right? could it be melted down blown into a sweet ass pipe. garaged and be good to go?
  13. I could see it being done they make jewlery out of it why not.
  14. If you know a blower, I bet they could do it, with no colors added. How bad ass would it be to have the worlds only blown obsidian spoon?
  15. I was gonna paint my Benz obsidian black, but that comment doesn't help ya'll at all. Sorry, but as far as an obsidian pipe is concerned, yes, you must. For it'd be tight. And tight is sick. And sick is badass. So keep it easy and blaze out the obsidian. Ya hear?
  16. damn straight.
  17. correct me if i'm wrong but notice the consistantly sharp edges, isn't obsidian known for being a flaky rock thats why its used in sharp aplications throughout history. can anyone show me a pic of a smoothed and rounded obsidian object?
  18. Why not?
  19. true, aztec obsidian weapons easily pwned spaniards' armor. however, if you polish it, (like anything) it will become smooth.

    and he can't post the link since it's a 'competitor site', grass city is an online headshop.

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