Observing people.

Discussion in 'General' started by sst, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Does anyone ever just observe people when they're high? You realize just how fucking WEIRD most people are. But of course a complete stoner staring at people is pretty crazy itself, but I still notice all this weirdness. Just wanted to share that. I've been tripping for almost 3 days straight. It's so fun. That weed really makes it come back.
  2. People watching is fun.
  3. you ever watch people get stoned while your sober?

    makes ya think a lil bit about how stupid you must act when your high, at least the people i watched
  4. Watching people sober or high usually just angers me.
    You learn to grasp the reality, and sickness of people.

  5. i can't help but to notice and point out things about people when i'm out in public or at school and i'm blazed.

    there are alot of weirdass people out there.
  6. yea i love people watching. always makes me hate the human race a little more, but its fun nonetheless
  7. ahh the joys of people watching. hilarious. especially when you catch people digging for gold. that never gets old. ever.
  8. I do consider myself a passive observer, yes.
  9. I do it all day at work.

    I could go on for days lol.

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