Observe and Report is hilarious!!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by prospectrider, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Yo everyone just wanted to say that I just got back from a showing of this movie at my university and it was fucking funny. must see:hello:
  2. I heard that it greatly exceeds expectations, and is just horribly offensive and dark (right up my alley). I'm totally looking forward to seeing it this weekend
  3. yup it was pretty badass.. lovin the drug scenes too :D
  4. I just saw it last night.

  5. Yeah, that part is definitely right. It was funny, but at some parts I was just kinda like "Um... wtf?" I went back and forth between laughing and being weirded out. It wasn't what I expected at all, but I liked it.
  6. i watched that movie the night it came out but couldn't really enjoy it because of the dumb bitches sitting behind me. also, i had hotboxed a couple of blunts and that made me too high to focus on the movie. i got a lot of good laughs but i'm gonna watch it again to clear up the storyline.
  7. i haven't seen it yet but it looks pretty good. i love seth rogen. who doesnt.
  8. i thought it pretty good. it wasn't the same type of humor as seth's other movies, it was more dark and kind of pathetic humor in some parts if that makes sense. Some scenese were funny just because of his bi-polar disorder messing with him. The storyline and the character development were great too. so good movie overall, but i'd recommend you smoke before you watch it.

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