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OBEs and how frequently do you get them?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. OBE stands for Out of Body Experience. I seem to get them pretty frequently. It is a pretty amazing feeling. It literally feels like your spirit is being lifted to the front of your body and then launched up out of your body. So far I haven't really been able to "control" anything, and they only last for like 5-10 seconds, but basically what happens is I feel a rush going upwards and I just picture my spirit going up, drifting above myself in my room, then out of the roof, then up and up gradually getting faster until I open my eyes. I don't really believe in spirits or anything like that, and tbh I would prefer to sum these experiences up as just having body rushes combined with CEVs. But still, after having one it kinda makes you think.

  2. do you actually mean cevs or just picturing shit in your head?

    either way, it doesnt really sound like an OBE at all imo. basically its all that but truly seeing it open eyed and not being able to turn it off by ceasing to imagine it
  3. Damn dude, I want some of the weed you've been smokin on.
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    You know obe's are just dreams? I'm not saying people don't have then but I personally never have. I am a lucid dreamer and I do this WILD(wake induced lucid dream) where you fall asleep while keeping your mind awake. They call it a false awakening when you wake up in your bed but you're actually in a dream. What happens is my room is the last thing I remember and I'll open my eyes and there is my room just like I left it but you can do a reality test and see that it's a dream. Being lucid means you're aware of the dream like real life so it feels very real and it's an amazing experience but most likely that's all an OBE is. Next time your floating out of your body try reading text and see if it changes or count your fingers. If it is infact a lucid dream you will have LOTS of fun with that and if you actually float out of your body then damn

    Also you said you feel a rush going up out of your body? That's what happens in sleep paralysis and it sounds like that's what going on. I'm not trying to bash on you saying you're wrong because if you don't know what a lucid dream is, it's fucking amazing and you're already doing all the steps to WILD which I highly recommend you look Into if you haven't before

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  5. That's what I was summing it up to lol your "bash". I don't believe OBEs are anything more than what I described. I don't believe in supernatural shit lol
  6. I had an obe I saw a demon over my sleeping body. i was scared

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  7. Maybe your mind is telling you that you are running out of time in this world.

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