Obama's new Drugged Driving Policy

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    Obama Drug Policy Calls for Drugged Driving Charges for Unimpaired Marijuana Users

  2. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...
  3. This is some scary stuff for obvious reasons. I think driving if your high should have lower penalties then a DWI, certainly not more. However, this is further then that and goes after people that smoke pot in general.

    Aaronman, you should write about this. Send everything you posted here to Newspapers and your senators. Thanks for bringing it to my attention
  4. This doesn't excuse the fact that now a President, along with fifteen other states, are complete fucking idiots when it comes to this law. And that says a lot about Mr. Pot-smoking-Havard Law up there...

    How could one possibly be this ignorant when it comes to a zero-tolerance policy with metabolites that are detectable for literally weeks after consumption?

    That's like slapping another charge on someone pulled over for DUI because you happen to find bottles of liquor in their house. One has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other.

    Damn I really hate reading about retarded shit like this...
  5. That's absolutely ridiculous.
  6. Let us up here in Canada know how this policy turns out for you guys!

    Was this some sort of executive order?
  7. That is so hard to prove, those always get pled down or thrown out,

    Unless you're riding around smoking a bowl and the cop actually sees you.

  8. The article says it's just a suggestion

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