Obama's Approval rating is not so gawdy now

Discussion in 'Politics' started by IGOTJOINTS4YA, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/wor...proval-rating-plunges-shocking-15-points.html

    Obama's approval rating slumps from 83% to 68%, which I think how it should be.

    Of course this comes right in time that he says he has to "scale back" all his promises, which is music to my ears. I figured he would scale them back, and one of the reasons I voted for him.

    Hopefully it slumps so more, if he is getting some negative praise, he isn't doing his job right IMO, if he is really going to fix all this shit, his plans will have to be disliked by both republicans and democrats.
  2. IMO these polls mean nothing at the moment besides showing the optimistic attitude and the mandate that Obama has because as we know Bush enjoyed some of the highest in history and we know how much that changed. I think it's interesting how many Republicans are approving though. Even though he repeatedly said the economy will get worse before it gets better I could definitely see his numbers going down if/when the economy gets worse. He has his honeymoon, it should be interesting to see how long it lasts.
  3. qft :devious:
  4. Of course these polls mean nothing, you know being republican doesn't mean you have to think conservative always. Republicans like that accountability shit just like anyone else.
  5. Still twice as high as Bush's ratings.
  6. i dont think a presidents ratings should ever go 50% or in obamas case 54%
  7. Obama hasn't reached Bushes highest approval rating yet buddy, I would hold those choice of words.
  8. WTF Are you talking about?

    Bushes approval ratings:

    Approved Disapproved Unsure

    Highest approval:
    Lowest approval:

  9. I never said that. It is a higher approval rating by the opposition than any of the last two Presidents enjoyed when their first approval ratings were released that's why it's interesting. It seems most Republicans are trying to put the partisan stuff aside to give him a chance.

  10. I think he's shown that he is really willing to work on a bipartisan basis. It's far to premature for me to approve or disapprove, but I think at the very least this office will be far less divisive then the last.
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    We'll see how much the public approves of him by summer.
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    1) I ain't your buddy
    2) Bushies highest approval ratings were right after 9/11. Let's talk about those 20s and 30s throughout MOST of his presidency.

    You can't even quote the data right.

    Bush didn't have an Approval above 50% since 2005. Let's talk about that instead of you trying to use statistics to further your own cause.
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    1. Obama hasn't even made it through the week, so that MOST of his presidency shit doesn't apply here
    2. Your a partisan idiot, how about you stop shoving the big black Obama cock down your throat long enough to realize that it is his first week in and he is not comparable in any regard to Bush's or ANY president for that matters approval rating. Unless you were going to compare Bush's first week to Obama's, then the comparison is about just as even.


    Posts like this are not welcome here. ~AK~
  14. Nobody seems to realize that Obama is just another man, the only thing that suddenly makes him the messiah is the colour of his skin...The only really positive thing about his presidency in the sense of change is that having him as a president will probably improve race relations a little bit throughout America..

    But it's not like racism will just vanish..
    The white supremacists on Stormfront's forum have been ranting and raging about Obama for months and months.
  15. You do not have any special insight that the rest of us don't have... everyone realizes he is just one man, and not a fucking messiah. Fuck, I'm sick of hearing that.

    Remember... we're comparing him to George Bush after all. You don't need to be the sweet baby jesus to inspire more people then him.
  16. how can things be so negative allready....

    i figured as long as MONTEL WILLIAMS was selling obama quaters on t.v. that all was doing good....

    ...and that commertive plate,,,,,it's rolling off the shelves.....wtf ?

    he's doing good,,,,,:p

    put no faith in these numbers..:D
  17. We'll see..
    Many people are naive to the choices a president must make..
    It's not a game that can be won as easily as talking slow and making impressive speeches.
    I remember when everyone was going crazy because they thought Obama was going to decriminalize marijuana and immediately pull out of Iraq.
  18. I apologize for my harsh words earlier, it seems I got a warning for disrespect.
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    Dont be a dick to cover for your own stupidity. I never said he didn't have above 50% after 2005. You made a stupid blanket statement that Obama's approval rating was twice that of George Bush's, you didn't specify anything. Try research and maybe specifying what you actually mean next time you make a statement.

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