Obama vs. McCain on the Important Issues

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  1. I know I found a site before these two became the presumptive nominees of their parties which stacked all the presidential candidates against each other (even Ron Paul!) and showed in a grid-like chart where they stood on various issues. How come it's so damn difficult to find a side by side comparison for the only two candidates still in the race? Can someone help me out?

    This is the best I could find and honestly it changes my opinion on Obama a bit:


  2. How so?

    Good article btw.
  3. Good Post +rep
  4. Meh, some of the wording kind of bothered me, but it's still good people look at this, and articles like this. Speeches and ads don't give anyone a fully accurate picture of the candidate. This doesn't either, but it gets as close as you're going to get.
  5. Specifically, Obama's stance as described above on Iraq, abortion, and taxes bother me. With Iraq, it seems nothing short of him trying to seem tough on the withdrawal of troops to earn public support, despite the fact that he previously said it would be "irresponsible" to set a timetable in spite of knowing what he would if elected into the White House - not to mention he bumped the date up four months already. When it comes to abortion, I think it should be limited to cases of rape, incest, and other messed up scenarios, meanwhile Obama is very liberal about this practice. As far as taxes, I don't like the bit about eliminating the requirement to file taxes if you make under $50,000 and you are elderly. He just seems overly invested in tax breaks for the poor and elderly, nevermind the vast middle class.

    This isn't to say he doesn't have more impressive positions on other issues (for example education and his idea to reward teachers that are more successful and effective at their job), but it gives me a little more insight into his character and his motives. I wish I could find more.

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