Obama tells Mexico "Let us stand together"

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  1. "I say to you and to the Mexican people: Let us stand together," Obama said in a ceremony to launch Calderon's state visit.

    Felipe Calderon, Mexico's president, has denounced a harsh new anti-illegal immigration law recently passed in the US state of Arizona as he began a two-day state visit to Washington, DC.

    "Despite their enormous contribution to the economy and society of the United States," Calderon said, millions of immigrants "still live in the shadows, and at times, like in Arizona, even face patterns of discrimination".

    Obama has also opposed the Arizona law.

    Climate change, economic issues and access of Mexican truckers into the US are also thought to be on the agenda for talks.
    Al Jazeera English - Americas - Calderon decries US immigration law

    Will be interesting to see if Barry will push for something to be done about this. He has failed on most promises so far..
    It is significant though for him to tell his Mexicans comrades that he stands united with them..;)
  2. Firstly: It's not fair to say Obama has broken most of his promises.
    PolitiFact | Sorting out the truth in politics

    He's actually delivered on 112 of them so far. Broken 19 and hasn't started on 3 with 254 of them still in the works.

    But, to immigration:
    Arizona's new law regarding citizenship papers violates the 4th amendment. It is my understanding that an officer may now act on reasonable suspicion that your citizenship is questionable and last I looked racial profiling was very illegal.

    Other than racial profiling I don't understand how this would be enforced. At traffic/Terry stops? They don't need this legislation to accomplish this task during those things.

    I'm in favor of making all immigrants with illegal status legal. I am for opening up to immigration and letting everyone in. I believe strength lies in diversity. Also, by making current illegal immigrants legal you take away all benefits employers have of hiring illegal immigrants. They are now forced to pay the taxes, the benefits and insurance just as they would any other worker, therefore the competition is fair again. Also, these new workers would be paying taxes =)
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    Your understanding is wrong. Nowhere in the law does it give any officer the right to arrest you or ask for papers based on skin color. It has to be in the course of a regular arrest for something illegal.

    Its enforced in Mexico. Why don't you have a problem with their much harsher laws? You also know the Arizona law is nothing more than the already existing federal law right?

    So American sovereignty and citizenship means dick? Everyone else has boarders and immigration laws, but for some reason we have to take it up the ass? Do you live in a boarder state, or somewhere where you'll never have ot live with the consequences of your giving nature?

    On another note, who is Obama the president of anyway? clearly, not Americans. First he apologizes to China over our immigration laws, but then he ignores Mexico's much harsher laws and again, snivels to a foreign president.
  4. Fucking unbelievable that he's standing there making a statement like this, regardless of how ambiguous it really is. Does he himself not know or recognize the fact that Arizona is actually just enforcing existing Federal Law?

    Talk about double-standards too.

    States create their own MMJ and MJ laws, the Feds go apeshit because it conflicts with Federal law.


    State chooses to simply try and start enforcing a Federal Law that should have fucking been enforced in the first place, and the Feds "disagree"...:confused:

    Make up your fucking mind, or continue to watch States secede from the Union and turn America into blobs of individualistic nothingness. Your choice.
  5. That's fine then, but there is a big difference from being arrested and being stopped by a police officer. But if it's in the course of a regular arrest why bother making the law in the first place?

    I didn't know you were pro United States of Mexico.

    American exceptionalism means dick. Just because we had the luck of hitting the lottery at birth doesn't make us a superior race of people. Entitlement is bullshit. But last I checked states deeper in get hit by illegal immigration as well. The problem is simply that they are illegal, that is why they get all the benefits. They can work a job a legal citizen would make $15.00 an hour but do it for $6.00. Legalize them and now employers have no reason to higher them over anybody else.

    Well shucks, I guess we aren't the country of 6 packs, blow jobs and bombs anymore. What a huge loss.
  6. Mexican president was just interviewed on CNN and admitted they do the exact same thing Arizona does. In fact, he admitted their laws are much harsher but that, "we're trying to change our laws".

    So, if Mexico can deport illegal aliens, why cant we? Why does their sovereignty matter, but not ours?

    They didn't "make" any law. Its just the federal law being enforced by the state. All this does is give the state police the power to send illegals off for deportation.

    I'm not. where would you get that idea? All I said was that Mexico is criticizing our country, for doing exactly what they and every single country on the planet does to enforce their laws.

    What the fuck are you talking about? Who said anything about "American exceptionalism"?

    You're in your own little world aren't ya? News flash genius, all countries have boarders and immigration laws. I have no fucking clue what you're on about.
  7. He probably doesn't understand where wealth comes from. He's probably convinced America got it's wealth by stealing it from the rest of the world.

    If by stealing you mean our fore-fathers and their fathers made useful products and then we sold those products to other countries who willingly bought our goods then yes we stole everyones wealth.:rolleyes:
  8. Yeah, instead we're the biggest welfare-case in the entire world, offering free handouts to everyone who illegally crosses our borders, to the tune of several billion dollars a year for those of us who actually pay taxes.

    Maybe not to you, but to me, it's a huge fucking loss...out of my wallet. You'll probably be one of those waking up after it's far too late to do anything about it. Have fun paying for the problem then...
  9. I mean... it's nothing to just build a bigger fucking wall. This way Obama can save face with his opposers and friends.
  10. Here is the interview I was talking about:

    [ame=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=25c_1274307205]LiveLeak.com - Calderon: 'My job is risky'[/ame]

  11. What's sovereignty ever done for us? Why has no war ever been fought over international trade? Why does international trade work so well? Maybe all the drama and bs exists because of the borders and patriotism instead of logic and reason.

    Arizona Enacts Stringent Law on Immigration - NYTimes.com
    They def passed a law

    What you're talking about, sovereignty, borders, if they can do it why can't we and we have a right to [insert ideal here].

    That's American exceptionalism, the law is based on the idea that 'Merica's for 'Mericans yew dun like it yew can git tha fug out.

    But those countries don't have the benefit of being the world's economic power house next and therefore don't have the same problems as us. Arguing that, say, English immigration laws would work for America is slightly different from a socio, economic and geographic standpoint.

  12. No, actually it's mine and many other peoples belief that most of our economic prosperity came from World War I & II. Mostly II as most other industrialized nations had either 1.) Had their factories and plants bombed back to the stone age, or 2.) Were sanctioned to the point of breaking or 3.) Were busy rebuilding their cities. Our early neutrality made it possible to make bank on war orders (In fact during WWII EVERY factory was converted for war time production at one point) and afterwards all we had to do was convert them back. The American worker never fared so well as they did during the War Production Period.

    After that we were so far ahead we were able to cost all the way into the 80's til Reagan doubled our national debt, bummer.

    But this is a straw man argument, I never said anything regarding where our wealth came from but I appreciate you insinuating such from one fragmented paragraph to the next =) cheers.
  13. I definitely am not happy that people who aren't paying into the system are getting benefits, adults anyway. Much the way Americans are able to game the welfare system, insurance industry or any other sector of the economy.

    However, once again, legalize them and then they're paying taxes too. So they're paying into the same system they're using.

    What else you guys got for me =D

  14. I think it is a very positive move by Barry to show that not all americans are allergic to brown people..
    After all the footage of racist banners at rallies and the controversy regarding Arizona something needed to be done.

    What is wrong with Barry re enforcing the strong links between the US and Mexico ?

    Well done Barry...

  15. This might be closer than you think..
    There are quite a few states looking to break free now..

    Perhaps Mexico could take their place ?
  16. All the footage huh? You mean 1 or two people the media decided to blow up in to much larger amounts? What about the anti-American/white signs at pro-illegal rallies?

    Because the American people want our immigration laws enforced by a large margin, but Obama has decided to ignore them and lie through is teeth, along with the hypocritical Mexican president.

    Consider the source............

  17. Whoah, Whoah, Whoah.

    It was FOX that misreported the numbers of people showing up at these rallies.

    Even The Daily Show nailed them:
    Fox News host falsifies footage to make GOP protest look bigger | Raw Story

    And, not to get snarky, but I would LOVE for someone to try to make the claim that FOX is a liberal news organization.
  18. Hit the nail on the head.

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