United States presidential election 2016 Obama hints that Sanders not authentic

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mklem, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. "In a particularly biting comparison, Obama reportedly said that while Sanders is perceived as more authentic than Clinton, former President George W. Bush — widely reviled among Democratic voters — was also seen as an authentic politician. "- yahoo news

    Always had a feeling that Obama was not the progressive that others claimed or wished he was
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  2. Authentic or not he split the Democratic vote while raking in millions from donations when he never had a chance because of the DNC and it's superdelegates.
  3. I would not resort to comparing Sanders to Bush. kind of like comparing a cloud to cigarette smoke
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  4. I didn't compare anyone? Bush was pretty crooked but I don't think he wasn't "authentic". Jeb stole the election for him. I don't think Bernie ever had a chance, he ran for the money.
  5. read obamas quote about comparing the two. Bernie ran Democratic for the media attention associated with the Democratic label. If you look at his record or even his modest living standards, he is not for money at all.
  6. Not for his money, just for other Peoples money. Yay socialism, the tried and failed system that only a self entitled, greedy, narcissistic parasite could love.
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  7. self entitled greedy narcisstic parasites are the wall street bankers and the top 1% of this country. bush tax cuts, deregulation and lobbyist pretty much have it rigged so that they sit and are waited upon and threaten a depression if their needs are not met. yay capitalism... you bloated old corpse of a lie to the small minded
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  8. You are indeed correct about those things but they are all things that could only happen under government regulation and control. Why don't you look at your government that you so lovingly trust before making accusations about this mythical one percent.

    There is absolutely no way they could get away with the scale of economic crimes they commit without the reinforcement and protection of the government. And you want to entrust the government with more money and power and believe that they will ever serve the people? That is asinine.

    Sure they are greedy as is human nature and they do take advantage but only through government protection. I believe the Socialists who wish to tax those people using the government to pay for their own lifestyles are just as greedy as this selfish 1%.

    Both are trying to take from each other as much as they can. The rich do it through Wall Street and the poor do it through bitching, whining, crying and government control forcing anyone with more money than them to cough some up calling it "fair share".
  9. coming from a man who ran on "change" and than pretty much went out of his way to please the republicans and faux news anyone who is interested in politics doesnt give a single fuck what this fraud says.
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  10. But yeah the millennials have really done nothing for poltics. Elected a fraud Bush 2.0 establishment puppet and could not secure the Sanders campaign.
  11. Actually I'm a Marxist. Greed is not natural, it is just a cliché. empathy is. as is philantrophy. Plutocratic 1% is a fact as the wealth inequality and their ridiculous hold on the resources of this country demonstrate. The common man cannot really make it if the elite are holding all of the options and resources necessary to compete with them in this multi-national corporate world. Using resources to enrich the daily lives of the people should be done and is an easy thing to do if taxes and systems are set up in order to do so. The top 1% is a fact and has been in the public eye for a while now, I suggest you get real. The leeches have ruined education and healthcare and we are now far behind in the word, which shows that capitalism will not reinvest in society. It will only create a corporate based world leaving its citizens far behind in terms of care and resources.
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  12. That's cute :)
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  13. hope you fuck the dollars you sold your soul to
  14. So please expand to us all how marxism can work and how it just got a bad two when it was tried and failed.
  15. cant explain it to one whos ignorant good luck with your fear. I admire your parade against reality
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  16. Wew lad.
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    Yep. Tried and "failed" in the most successful countries in the world. Learn the difference between national socialism and democratic socialism, they are different systems.
  18. Simple, very, I will explain it good very well. Democratic socialism is not marxism.
  19. In what way did national socialism "fail" other than they lost the war? Germany was extremely prosperous under it. You can't really call it a failure of a system by objectively.

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