Obama DOJ imprisons info leaker

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kylesa, May 25, 2010.

  1. In a huge departure from Bush-era doctrine, the Obama DOJ has decided to sentence an info leaker to 20 months in prison for leaking classified information. Remember Obama's speach on 'transparency' and how sunlight was the best disinfectant? Ah, yes, Obama the Snakeoil Salesman.

    Where's the outrage from Keith Olbermann, who dedicated a rant to George Bush nightly, over things far less significant?

    Justice Dept. cracks down on leaks - Josh Gerstein - POLITICO.com

  2. I am not surprised at all next thing you know hes going to be trying to lock up anyone that disagrees with him. This is why giving the government unlimited power is a bad idea because some idiot is always going to abuse it.
  3. Transparency and the leaking of government intelligence are two completely different things
  4. truth

  5. Yet another rule change since the Bush admin? When all those leaks were coming out during the Bush years, the media reported it as a symptom of a lack of transparency.
  6. What happened to the constitution?
  7. I hope you're kidding?

    If there was transparency, information wouldn't need to be leaked.

  8. Oh ya, lets just release all our military secrets, and national defense plans, then we'll be really transparent!
  9. PFFFT that old piece of paper?! It still holds value here in the U.S!? I don't even remember the last time that word was brought up... (please sense the sarcasm)

    Unconstitutional is one we should hear a whole fuckload more.
  10. SNORE

    He's lucky he only got 20 months.
  11. Um, no one is leaking military secrets.

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