Obama advertises on marijuana legalization’s top website

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Kogged, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. obama is just doing this to get the vote of the smokers, then once hes re elected he will put this issue on the back burner and we prolly wont hear about it ever again.
  2. whats this to get excited about?? its just an ad not he paid to place there not an endorsement

  3. yea, thats so true :eek:

  4. This.

    Obama's already lied once about marijuana to the people. Don't let him lie again.

  5. im with you. i was really behind him before he was elected and even through the first few years. i thought he did some great things...then he basically went back on everything he said about having the feds leave legal growers alone...

    idk if im ready to hop on that bandwagon.

    i hope one day we get a president who is pro-mj and makes it known and just doesn't do it for the publicity and support of the users only to better themselves without caring what happens to us.
  6. While his DEA terrorizes the community? Disconnect much?:mad:
  7. You are correct, this is just some bullshit lol.
  8. Bunch of lies.

    Obama is such a weasel
  9. There is a liberal blog in my state called horses ass. it is full of ads for conservatives and republicans all the time. My point is that this means nothing. its an ad to help him get elected. Young people smoke weed the most, and young people helped him in 2008. Its a smart move for votes, thats it.
  10. nobama

    fuck every candidate.
  11. Obama is guilty yet again for going against his statements that as president he would not crack down on medical marijuana, yet we see that he has not followed through on his promise.
  12. I hope no potheads are uneducated enough to vote for that corporate puppet again.
  13. Yeah I'm not buying it a second time Obama.

    Ron Paul.
  14. ^^Exactly... Gary Johnson seems like a good candidate as well if he would ever the chance.
  15. Trick me once shame on you... Trick me twice....
  16. Obama scoffed at the question of legalization. I don't take the man seriously.
  17. Obamas a bum. Ron Paul for President.

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