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  1. Hello everyone. Just found this site, it has been vrey imforative! I have a question on a possible hydroponic setup. If you were to cut oasis foam into decent sized cubes and plant germinated seeds in them then place the cubes in say a tupperware tray with about an inch of nutrient rich water (flora products) would it drown the seedlings or could they take only what they need? if they were to grow would it be ok if their roots grew out of the cube and into the water? this will be an indoor setup with a metal halide in begining and then a hps for flowering. thanks for all your help!
  2. I did the same with rockwool.. oasis I don't know. I transferred to a netpot with grow rocks as soon as i saw the tap root emerge from the cube.
  3. You can treat the Oasis cubes like the rockwool. They will "wick",but not as well as the rockwool cubes.

    Have you thought about maybe using a "bubbler"hydro setup?

  4. Thanks for your replies.

    I was thinking about a bubbler setup but there are some things i still do not understand. in the begining arent the roots too far from the liquid to get any nutrients? what is the distance between the water surface and the bottom of the net pots? do you need a medium in the pots? in my experience with a fish tank the air stones do not produce that much "bubbles" on the surface. i would apprichate any clairfications as i already have a air pump and tubing from a old fish tank set up, i also have a 20 gallon tank if that would help. thanks again!
  5. Sorry guys i found the answer to my questions on another post. Thanks!

  6. You may have already found the answer but I'm going to post up anyway because somebody else will ask this again.

    Keep the water level very high in the beginning, about a inch from the bottem of the net pot so some bubbles/mist will splash the net pot. Its ok to dip some of the reservoir fluid up an pour it on the rockwool/seedling every day until the roots come on. The roots will come on through eventually and get into the water and then you can lower the water level in the bucket. Yes you need some kind of media in the pot to give the root and stem some support as it grows. A air pump and stones will creat a nice mist on the net if its close enough to it. The pump and tubing and stones will work OK but I would recommend new stones ($.88 at walmart work fine), and new line to ensure no nasty fish bugs or fungu kill your plant.

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