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oakland for 9 days...vacation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thafoot, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. so im goin to oakland for a little over a week at th end of this month (march 2012). i was askin a buddy (who lives 200 miles away from oakland) about obtaining some herbage. he simply told me "go to oaksterdam". so i lookined into it. and it looks like ALL shops require a medical card. AND in order to obtain said card, one must be a resident of california. im not into randomly asking folks on the street, nor do i want to get anyone in trouble. any advice? thank you

    p.s. not lookin for a hook up i just kinda want to know how to approach this problem
  2. I'm sorry but who takes a vacation to Oakland? As far as advice I couldn't recommend strolling around asking for bud but it depends on what part you're staying at. I use to attend UC Berkeley and almost everyone around there is pretty friendly and might be able to hook you up. You can normally tell who smokes. Sorry but other than this there is no other way since you don't have a card nor can you get one.
  3. job op in emeryville actually. paid vacation. cant wait to see the redwoods. im wondering why my buddy would tell me to go to oaksterdam. i been lookin into it, and it looks like hippy hill should be a sweet spot....i LOL'd at the google sat image of it.
  4. Oh I gotchu. I didn't know you were trying to head to SF aswell. In that case Hippie hill near Golden Gate Park is thee place to go. But in Oakland itself, nada beats Telegraph by the college. Mess around you could get a piece at Big Als smoke shop. If anything it's a good spot to look at some pretty glass. Worse comes to worse shoot me a pm.
  5. yea i cannot wait to go. this will be my first time seein the ocean too. really psyched. kinda bummed my rental car is a hyundia lol.
  6. I'm on vacation in emeryville for my sisters wedding and dying for some
    Bud dispensaries can't serve me since I don't have a medi card was wondering If any one could help me out..?

  7. inb4 ban

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