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  1. her are a couple of girls i am going to grow this year..
    they are both from the plant in my avatar .which is an old mother sativa
    i crossed her with an unknown sativa indica cross but mostly had the sativa traites.

    no real growth yet still a little cold here but spring is just around the corner and there should be some good growth then.:)

    so i will see how they turn out:wave:

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  2. just a bit of an update on my girls ,i think they are going well...:)
  3. wow you're just turnin' spring you must be on the other side of the planet...
    you should post some updated pics that'll be cool
  4. whatsup ya crazy aussie? this is orangeshovel over at RIU. looks like another member has joined this awesome community. hoping for a bigger harvest? how come you dont go for 3 or 4 plants?
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    howdy orange,aka cannabisblunt:hello:

    oh i do more i just dont show any of the others normally,although i have this year..:)

    i have put some photo,s of my grows some updates to this thread and some of other plants i am growing..:)

    the first one is in my cupboard.
    the next are my 6 white heaven i put out in the scrub the other day.
    the next one is a patch i have out in the scrub.
    the next two are of some i have out my back door camouflaged.(they are in large white pots)
    and the last few are the updates to this thread..:)

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