O M G this kid got owned..

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  1. Okay so ..a lil backround info.. bret was garage hoppin / breaking and entering (i think for alcy but i woudlnt doubt they werent stealin jewelery or w/e too) and got busted.. and put on 6month probation..

    well he smokes weed and he stopped and was doin fine and then he would smoke the day of his pee test after it so that hed be clean by next week..

    then he started to do it more often .. idk how far the kid is into prbation.. well last week we were smokin every day intbetween 2nd period and tech (we get a break from school for like 1 hr every day .. 30 mins to blaze [supposed to go right to the other school but wed just go to his house instead of lunch] and stuff like that)

    so anyway im thinkin.. hes gonna have to have a UA commin up how the hell does he think hes gonna get away w/ it.. i find out he asked his friend for their urine.. the lady doesnt watch him piss and they dont check for tempature so he got away with usin this piss..

    so he thinks hes in clear cause kid doesnt do drugs that he got the piss..
    well yesterday he gets pulled out of class by our security and the cops take him to edison (prison) because his UT came up hot for morphine R O F L.. the kid just had surgery and stuff a year ago so they said it didnt add up but apparently he had some cough syrup w/ a lil bit of codone in it which caused it to triger the morphine on the test..

    wow now hes in fuckin prison and they dont belive him taht it wasnt his own piss haha that really sucks ;o
  2. wow. just wow.

  3. short-term prision ain't bad.

    It's not nessecarily easy time, but it's not terrible like the fed open pop.
  4. i kno but this kid is a pretty little bitch .. hes gonna get raped !!! ROFL
  5. Actual criminals belong in jail. It's sad that drugs are what really tipped the scale here, but he is a burglar... I pity the fool who breaks into my garage.
  6. The guy STEALS, he is a THIEF. He belongs in jail.
  7. haha same here *cocks gun* :devious:
  8. ya i agree hes a dumbass for stealing ;p

    speakin of.. my dad said osme kids from up the street were in our garage .. he freaked at them thats all i kno didnt ask what he spacifficaly did.. but i kno my dad is loud and probly can hit pretty hard

  9. Nah man, the places i've been at, are cool. They tell you "We're like family around here, and you don't fuck your family." These guys are petty criminals too, they just wanna do their time and go home.

    Might not be like that at all facilities, though.

    There can be some really violent, unstable guys in those places too. Might not get your shit pushed in, but you might get your face rearranged.
  10. just sucks cause 1 his gf is against pot or w/e so shes gonna break up with him no doubt (like 80% sure..) and 2 the parents have no idea what to think aobut this i bet.. hes fucked.. i wonder how long hell be in for ;o
  11. Thats right DBW let em' know you cannot steal man that is just not cool. I am a pretty chill guy (i think I am at least) but if someone was stealing from me we would have a prob. He should have told them to test him immediatly and he would be in the clear, its alittle too late when your in your cell like dam this sucks. Oh well right? JOE>
  12. this guy all my friends know, was on probation and he got caught with LSD, Shrooms, pretty much every upper/downer, a lot of other pills, and pot...needless to say, hes fucked
  13. well.. its the kids own fault.... first he steals shit then he borrows other ppl's piss cuz he's been smokin.... ya he's a dumbass

    He sounds like an ass, stealing, fucking with probation.

    I have no pity.
  15. ROFL!! Hes in jail now becuase of morphine from a kids surgery last year?? LMAO :p
  16. his court hearing is today ill let u in on full details this weekend or deffffiently monday

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