O.h. G.o.d.

Discussion in 'General' started by stonie jo, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. Here we go girls!!! It's the female version of O.F.F. (old fried farts...old fat fuckers....what was it?)

    Hot (horny-hippie-happy....)


    Whatcha think?

  2. *LMFAO*

    Stonie jo, I think you're on to somethin' there! I like it.
  3. i think your hot! you just cant be a blonde!no way ,i wont by it!
  4. Hahaa I don't know if I can qualify for old at 24 but I'm on my way and loving every single minute of it!!!!! :D
  5. what a woman under 25 in the g.o.d. lol
  6. W.W.O.D should be what the women are.

    Wild women on dope! Age descrimination is not allowed!

    Light up women and cool out!!!

  7. Old fried fuckers was the original being I think. But being old fried fuckers, nobody can ever remember the name anyhow!:)
  8. old fly fuckers what?
  9. i am sorry man i kind a lost you in a card game to the g.o.d.! i hope when they let you go your smileing! i think they just want to use you like a joint, is that ok or what! lol
  10. Ladies O.h. G.O.D. is a good choice for ya'll but you need to work on the presentation. its to hard to type with all them damn periods in it. Course women are used to having periods screwing up things. (sorry for the bad joke)

    Smokie I think it is the old fried fuckers club. The only admission to join is you have to be old and do something stupid while fried and then have the guts to admit to it here.

    Me, I left my wife and kids in the Barnes and Noble bookstore one night because I thought I was late getting home to my wife and kids.
  11. shit i got that beat hands down ,picture this me and the wife get good buzz and go shoping we walk to a few store a way!i come out frist and get in the truck and i am setting their for shit at lest 15 mins, so i am getting bored, i think ill play the radio ,what the fucking truck wont start the key wont even trun i am thinking how i am going to break the bad news to her! i look and theirs a radar detector plug in to the cigerat light,i think now why did she by that and i scrach my head ,just thin i look out the widow and see my wife getting in a truck that looks just like my truck about 60 yrds away!lol that the same thing i thaught!
  12. LMFAO!!!! I can picture it!!!
  13. i would have shit if the key had worked and i was seting their playing tones and the guy wife came out and hoped in!as much as i was stoned that day i may have drove a few miles before i looked over and seen her in shock!lol
  14. gals, you just gave me a whole NEW reason to smirk at ma'man.
    god~ :) look puff it still applies without all the . . .
  15. stonie jo i had a thought this morning! Oh God is just right for the women. Remember the movie oh god you devil. Fits doesn't it?

    Of course most of us men make you ladies that way!
  16. No one answered my question...

    I guess we'll have to wait for the ladies!
  17. is it just me or did critter drag this thread up from the dead after it was laid to rest some 2 years and 3 months ago :D

  18. And your point is????

    Oldies are still goodies!!
  19. Yes he did! And he does thic occasionally. Kinda kewl!!

    I don't know hafta see if any of the other girls can come up with anything else.

    BH I remember that movie!! You devil!!

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