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O.G. Kush. What else do I have to say?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 2much420, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Just picked up an OZ of O.G. Kush in Tucson, AZ, for $380. Smells like reeally potent lemon iced tea. Super sweet taste and really really amazing high. It's not a super sleepy high - intense head high and body high - really nice all-around bud. Deff my fav, hardly comes around :D


  2. Looks fucking delicious man, what are you toking out of?
  3. The first pic is really accurate to what it looks like in person. Almost has a blue tint to it.

    It's a compliment for a canadian to think my bud looks good down here ;)

    Smoking out of my 2' stemless triple disc perc.. hand blown, she's my baby (and broken, notice the duct tape, but luckily the tube is solid)

  4. holy shit dude nice, I'm surprised the duct tape holds that's awesome.
  5. Great bud man. Hit me up when you come to the ATX. :)
  6. My favorite bud. WOW enjoy.
  7. Awesome og looks like its well grown!
  8. wow great buds. how do you like the disc diffusers on your bong? i was thinking about getting one but wanted others' opinions.
  9. Thx for the comments and reps guys. This is deff some of the tastiest stuff I've ever smoked. It's amazing how as you get better and better bud, you get bigger head rushes etc - but when it gets super super top quality, it almost has a more mellow headrush, if ya know what i mean.

    Haha. Half the base broke, but the downstem arm thing is fine. I duct taped a cork from a wine bottle to the bottom so it doesn't fall over. The tube itself is in perfect tact - no cracks etc.
  10. Nice bud bro! $380 is a little expensive though. Still dank nontheless :hello:

  11. It's deff. a bit steep, but well worth it. Perfectly cured too.

    I woke up this morning to my room WREAKING! The oz is in a few Mason jars inside a wooden box - but it STILL smelled up the whole house. It's really really amazing how potent smelling this batch is :D

  12. Sorry I missed your Question - YES! I love it. It hits so perfectly. It filters less than your average bong, producing a strong strong rip, yet still very cool and smooth :D
  13. ahhhhh i hate you :) thats my favorite budski and ive only got it when i was living in scottsdale AZ. get me some of that danky dank!!
  14. Good buds in Scottsdale?
  15. actually 380s not bad depending on the prices around him, i live in cali so i get a zip of OG for like 280-300

    but were im from in nj, ive seem o's of OG go for 500
  16. $380 is a bargain for that stuff around here
  17. Where u at married2mj? PS, lol @ the name, lol.

  18. True that bro. I was living in Massachusetts for a while and was paying 500/zip for the top top stuff.
  19. What!?!?! i just bought an 4 g's off my dealer of the same shit! pretty ironic, i live in surprise, thats still pretty awsome haha we got the same im fucked up right now :/

  20. Unless you're in Tucson, I doubt it's "the same" shit, lol. But tasty nevertheless. Smoking a bowl right now :D

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