Nypd Punches Ny Judge In The Throat; No Punishment

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lilro, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOfvSCe1e5o
    When it's govt vs. govt, which side do you choose?

  2. Da fuq?

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    fuck you judge, cops have been doing that for ages, running unchecked trigger happy lunatics with a double digit iq beating up everyone and none of you fuckers give a shit, now you get slapped once in the throat and you cry mommy, fucking priceless. Uniformed bullies and judges with their heads up their asses. gotta love life  fucking awesome
  4. a judge wouldn't be on the top of my list of people who i'd smash in the throat but thats just me :smoke:
  5. Just pointing out the cop didn't know he was a judge.

    Thule fact that he is a judge just shows how fucked up things are.

    The cops just go crazy and fuck shit up.

    Abolish cops
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  6. Judges, are the aristocrats left over from the medieval ages, with no oversight and a god complex they feel they are above the law. Maybe now this one judge will see what us mortals have to deal with. 
  7. lmaoo fuck half of our judges, anyway. And I now know what kind of judge this guy seems like, this Judge Michael Rafeal. Like the type to let a 2 time convicted or 1 time convicted gang banger get off on parole, only to do it again and end up back in jail.
    I'm sure that fucking hobo's arm wasn't THAT important. To call a whole nother unit to the scene, dramatizing the situation. Why call another unit and waste money, and also risk getting one of the 2 current oficers fired due to our desired pussyness of cops, for this idiots arm? Apparently this JUDGE of all people thought it was a good idea.

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