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NYC Uptown Kush Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jgr627, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Picked up a few grams in the heights, smokes pretty good. Word of advice to newbies going uptown or anywhere for that matter, weigh ur purchase don't under estimate ziplock bags or any kind of bag

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  2. One more pic

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  3. I'll be picking up tonight in that area...keep an eye out for my thread haha..

    Smoke that shit good:smoke:
  4. Which one did u like better? Queens right?
  5. In the heights you can get some seedless 'haze' for a good 3 hundo-mostly nasty Beasters that come through tho..

    harlem is where its at

  6. The heights is in Harlem but 180 is standard for haze. If your dealer shorts u you should go back asap. Op thinks if he buys something else hes gng to get the 3.5 they shorted him but that nit gng to happen. The guy charged 30 dollars more than what it is and pinched a dime for himself,
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    looks good.

    uptown got that bomb
  8. man i really like the nyc delivery is good in the big apple!
  9. yeah but this was off the street. I liked the queens kush better this keeps gng out but looks bomb and s
    Ells real strong. It puts u out unlike the other bud and the f ers shorted us and held out for an extra ten bucks now yo get the 3.5 we have yo buy something. Yeah right.
  10. smells strong
  11. the haze on post is the SHIT!

  12. There's like 5,6 spots but the one I like has dome really good lush and diesel for like 220 now, still too much. Right on post across the street from another spot the haze is really good but I think they shorted me on a half o. Usually in the heights they give you like12.5 weigh it with the bag on. The real good haze is like 200 a O. If your guy us crippled I know exactly where u go. Last time went we couldn't get anything at my spot so we had to go to 144 and go jipped. This is fire though.
  13. Dam those branches blow. try the 180s man. fire ass haze for 180/half 330/o no seeds or stems

  14. I can get 180 a half but 360 an o not 330. Not sure where you are talking probably amsterdam or broadway.
  15. broadway but im sure u cud find some shit like that on amsterdam too

  16. Ok I will check it out but just to let u know it's not wise to deal with ppl u font know ESP in the heights. There are ppl that just stand around all day just to rob ppl.
  17. i know him pretty well lol. i dont go to a spot for my bud but he told me the spots that do the same prices as him

  18. Harvest fest is this weekend but probably hours away.

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