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NYC Sour Kush (Sour Diesel x O.G. Kush) *macros*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by rvbball, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, this is some of the bud i've been smokin on recently.

    Very sweet smell, like candy and flowers. The taste is smooth and fruity. The sourness comes at the end of the hit, makes you want to pucker at times.

    The high is very cerebral for the first hour or so then it goes into a deep body buzz but keeping some of the trippyness from the head high.




  2. looks delicious!
  3. Are there bits of purple in that bud or am I tripping?
  4. nah its got some purp in there, you're not trippin :)
  5. nice pickup, ny represent. just wondering how much u pay for that?
  6. thats that kill johnson
  7. nice n crystally
  8. Yer from BK? I'm going down there to meet up with some friends. Hopefully I get my hands on some of that.
  9. why cant I comer across shit like this ? all I get is stupid generic nyc haze:mad:
  10. nice sounds like some real nice bud
  11. thanks everyone, I don't discuss pricing, all about the bud in here :D

    its a very nice smoke, amazing in a blunt.
  12. That's some nice bud :yummy:
  13. OMG I would leave that sitting in a glass jar as a trophy
  14. damn, thats some good looking bud.
  15. nice, i picked up the same shit in uptown earlier this week
  16. how much u pay for that?
  17. sour kush is yummy..I've had the privilege to try it myself down here in Long Island :wave:
  18. Lolz somebodys gotta tell me where this guy is so I can meet him shake his hand and leave with a nice baggy :D

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