NYC Sour Diesel Harvest - Ready? With Pics

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  1. Hello all this is my first post, long time follower. I am nearing completing of my harvest, and wanted some outside opinions as to whether or not others think I am ready to cut down. I do have a grow journal but only started documenting after the initial month of using straight water, and only allowing the plant to absorb nutrients in the soil for the first month using the medium Ocean forest. (Roughly 36 days of Vegetative) I then proceeded to use FF grow big, and FF tiger bloom for the remainder of the grow and documented my watering/feeding schedule at that point. Since I did not document the first days of seedling the jury is kinda out on exactly what day I am in flowering since I cannot remember the seedling plant date (3-25 through 4-6 best guess). At this point my best guess would be 58 days - 70 days total flower. NYC Diesel calls for a flowering period of 68-75 days. I am using a 30x loupe and would estimate the trichromes at 80% milky cloudy and 20% amber throughout the entire plant, top to bottom. I am just confused on the foliage still being so green, but I attribute this to my confusion of the exact date/nutrient feeding in the last days of harvest rather than only using straight water to "flush" the remaining nutrients out, thus leading to discoloration that I would expect. Sorry for the long post, please let me know if anyone has any input or questions. Also, these plants are in a 3 gallon fabric pot, that was initially under a mars 300 watt led for the first month and half, and then sat outside for the remaining duration.

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  2. Not ready.

    If you did, I'd guess that it would smoke just fine, but the yeild would be lacking.
  3. I been growing sour diesel for over a year let all the trichromes get very milky and no white hairs are left save a few down low maybe or you will be doing yourself a disservice, those last couple weeks are paramount to weight, taste and essence with this strain i purposely let one plant get over 50% amber and shes still has plenty of get up and go, the trichromes are so thick its like she was dipped in sugar...

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