nyc-smoker wit da new plants "journal 2"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by nyc-smoker, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Oh Yea ! Im start up a new grow. Well I did, I did the usual with germination and im growing two plants right now that have sprouted. there under 1 150 watt CFL ill post more about it later.

    -Im out-
  2. nice.... good luck..... i suppose asking this question is dumb, but where in nyc are you from?

    im right next door
  3. I am from the Bronx, why are u from the city too ?
  4. Well everything is looking good so far ! my 2 seedlings are doing just fine, ill try to get some pictures up later for ya.
  5. im practically in nyc...
  6. Damn 1 of my plants is a male...... here take a look

    You can see the little balls on the one to the left. and you can see the hairs on the one to the right. they have only been in flowering 5 days so far they are about 65 days old.

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  7. I see balls on the left one and hairs on the right one.
  8. Sorry about the bad journal I have kept, the reason being why I was not posting was I could not post pics. and I wanted my journal to be complete with pictures too. See first my camera was not working then when I got it working I could not find the cable to upload the pics to the computer. and when i found that i couldnt find a program to make the pics smaller because i resently reloaded windows to my computer and lost many programs. But no worrys everything is up and running now ill post some pics of my set up in and couple of minutes . :)
  9. It is a cheap setup that does not take up alot of room the box is L= 19" W= 15" D=14" it is completely line with the dull side of tin foil. and there is 2 CFL's one is 150w the other is 125w. the plants are in coffee cans which where clean very good and had holes drilled in the bottom. Soon this setup will only have one plant because i will kill the male on the weekend. So alittle over 4000 lumens and this box should be fine for this plant. :-D

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  10. Here is another pic of my setup.....

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  11. Well this is what my closet looks like and how I hope to use the space to grow. im planing on grow 15 plants next time to hopfully get at least 6 plants in flowering max 9.

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  12. cool grow box.
  13. u gonna let em male and females pollinate???? i suggest u dont, cus then u will ahve seedy pot......u most likely know though......
  14. Tomorrow or ehh later today i am going to bring the male to an outdoor place to grow. and at the end of the summer ill get the buds.

    Does anyone know if u can get high off them cause ill smoke or sell it. ill give really good deals if it is bad.
  15. its not going to produce buds, or atleast anything worth smoking, unless you like headaches. the male is useless pracitically, you could make butter out of him
  16. Funny story but ill make it short. I moved the male out side ok, In a nice area with good soil and light but someone seen me doing it. So when I went there this morning the plant was gone lmao.
  17. Hey, here is an update on my plant and some pictures. enjoy.....!

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  18. Hey, my plant is 8 1/2 inches take a look.

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  19. :-D

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  20. ooooh, purple hairs:).....

    that stem look fat as fuck though, lol.....looks like a good harvest......not much, but still good bud.......

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