Nyc no more arrests

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by richie19, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. They passed a law in nyc if you are caught carrying less than 25g of weed no arrest. Just s summons. If you don't report to court for the summons you will be arrested.

    They are trying to keep the jails for the real criminals.

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  2. yeah but you still have to show up and pay a fine... NY should just
    decriminalize the shit already.
    So they can go to court and get caught up in all that bullshit? They will most likely be ordered to go through a drug program, probation, or some other nonsense. 
    And what about the ridiculous fines? Of course they don't want you in jail..they just wanna take your money.
  4. When they finally legalize they should have to reimburse everyone
    Then... What value is a day of life wasted in jail?
    To me a day is worth a lot, a lot can happen in a day.

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  5. New York should have taken Philadelphia's lead and decriminalized it instead...What NY did was just take the trip to the police station out of the equation, you still get a record, misdemeanor or felony depending how much you have. In Philly an O or under is a $25 fine no record, and smoking in public is a $100 fine no record.
  6. That's good news in my mind! To me, it means the government is finally realizing that prohibition STILL doesn't work!!! Haha

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  7. It was never intended to work it just keeps money flowing.

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