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Nutter Butter!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by macattack87, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. So i got a soar throat out of no where and it hurts like hell when i smoke but i really wanted to get high.
    I tried cooking it once before, my friend baked them into pancakes lol. I didn't get high, and we used a lot of weed too, bout 1/8th.
    Anyway I really wanted to get high so I had no choice, I had to bake.
    Then, I ran into a problem, i had no butter or brownie mix or anything.
    I didn't even have peanut butter to make firecrackers.
    So I gave up, an hour later I decided to go to the vending machine (at college) to get something. In the machine i saw nutter butter cookies.
    they are these oily as hell peanut butter sandwiches with a thick amount of peanut butter in the middle.
    I bought them, pulled out 1g of this super dank shit i get from these kids here and put little amounts into the middle of the cookie.

    I proceeded to wrap them in aluminum foil and cooked them for 20 min.

    After 20 min, I opened the oven and it smelled amaaaazing!

    I pull them out and begin to unwrap them from the foil. When I opened it up I saw that it had all just muched together into a big peanut butter/cookie/weed clump. It smelled sooooo good tho I had to eat it.

    About an hour or so after eating I began to get sooo fucking high. I can't explain it. I've been smoking high grade dank for a lonnnng time now and have never got as high as I did from eating these cookies.

    They are bannngin!
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    how many did you make, and about how much weed in each? Ill give it a shot i bet they taste a lil better than firecrackers.

    edit: i mean how many cookies in a pack, and a gram total?
  3. nice, i had this idea the other day when eating some, as i love nutter butters, but i hate the taste of firecrackers. i figured this would make them a little better since nutter butters are completely delicious! i'll have to give it a try soon
  4. I used a gram and made two of what you see in the picture below.

    They taste amazing, I was going to save the second 1 for later but I had the munchies and ate it.

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  5. Did you cook them in the oven or microwave?
  6. oven

    20 minutes at 320 degrees

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