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  1. I have been giving my plants bio-grow nutrients while they are vegging should I also be giving them the bio-bloom when they are vegging?? Thanks!
  2. High there, bio-grow for vegging and bio-bloom for flowering. Good luck
  3. Oh, you meant *nutes*.

    *Nuts* is pronounced the same way as some things that hang off a pecan tree. Or some things that hang off a man...muahahahaha
  4. Floranova is good.
  5. Anyone use bio-grow and bloom how was the experience and any thing i should know about them??
  6. I use bio-bizz nutes, I love them for soil grows. I use Bio-grow for vegging, bio-bloom and Topmax for flowering. Just take it easy with them even though its organic, I only add feed every 2-3 waters and even then I take it easy.

    Take a look at the links under my signature to see my results!

    Good luck
  7. So you only give them feed ever 2-3 watering why is that? Plus do you think it is wroth buying the top-max? It is expensive but if it really does increase yield it would be worth it, did you notice a increase in your yield when you used it?
  8. High, I only feed them every 2-3 waters to avoid nute burn. If you look around GC you will see lots of nute burns on plants but not mine! Ive even seen pro's getting it wrong in their journals so its best to avoid the mistake in the first place. I know the bottle says 2-5ml per litre every feed but MJ plants can be very sensitive.

    Also I have found the topmax a bit of a let down, did my first 3 grows without it and no complaints. That being said my Lsd's seem to be doing well with it but ive not tried one without yet. I may do just one plant without topmax to see the difference and do a report in my journal to see if its worth the money.

    For now I would say just use bio-grow and bio-bloom it gave me great results, this is only my second grow using topmax.

    Good luck
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  10. Not seen that post before dude, Im not sure what the problem is but if it is nute burn then it don't look bad. Ive seen worse on my own plants in the past so wouldn't worry to much but Im not an expert.


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