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  1. What would happen if I didn't feed my Amnesia Haze no nutrients would they die?
  2. What would happen if I didnt feed myself no food, would I die?
  3. Maybe depends of your fat enough
  4. Er id say it will do ok for a week or so then start to yellow after then depends if hydro or not for time before feeding soil im sure u can get away with not feeding for a while depending on the soil but it wont do as well as it would have
  5. Jimmy, this is the hydroponics section...doubt he's using soil. any other plant out there, nutrients are food...without them, it dies. With too much, it dies (nitrate poisoning).

    They can go a couple weeks off an overfeed, if you're going on vacation or something, but they won't be as healthy as you'd like when you return.

    And if they get too few nutrients, your Haze won't be so amnesiac. You'll lose a LOT of potency.

    If you're out of nutrients, and too broke to buy more at the moment, believe it or not, straight sugar dissolved in the water will help cover the gap for a while, but DON'T rely on it for any real length of time.

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