Nutrients that cause cancer!?!?!

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  1. I just picked up a bottle of grow more seaweed extract for foliar feeding. After getting home and getting ready to mix some i noticed at the bottom of the bottle a warning:this product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm:eek: wtf!!! What's up with that? It claims to be 100% organic, but it has chemicals that might make your kids have webbed feet:rolleyes: It doesn't sound like something I'd like to smoke. Anyone have any input on this product? Is this common for cold water processed seaweed? I want something for foliar feeding but i don't want it to kill me either:eek: any input on this greatly appreciated thanks

    Here's a pic of the product
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    Thanks ya I'm going to take it back, too sketchy just wanted to hear what others had to say about it, and kinda warn people since I see people on here using this product. How can they claim to be organic then say there's chemicals that cause cancer???:rolleyes: the first thing I thought of was the product gravity. I remember wanting to try it then finding it contains paclobutrazol which causes cancer. Guess it's kind of like use at your own risk, like cigarettes or some shit
  3. Maybe we can use this thread to warn people about these kind of products out there. If there isn't one already

  4. yeah theres a thread, the one I just linked xD
  5. the fucking air in the state of California has been known to cause cancer...

    serious... unless you've dealt with their Produce Nazis ( it'd just an apple asshole!), you'll never under stand how regimented Cali. really is.

    they'd ban/warning label milk too if Gavin Newsom said it was cancer causing......

  6. So what are you saying? Its safe to use? I personally am not going to use it but I know they have cancer warnings on everything in cali. Even when you get fast food they have a effin sign by the register with the same warning lol. My question is if it's 100% organic what's with the warning of chemicals?

  7. Haha the link seems like it starts half way through its original post. I didn't see the main post. Still cant:confused:
  8. basically take it with a grain of salt. if you're uncomforted by the stuff skip it. but remember what they said about cannabis in school..."it's bad for you" ;):smoking:
  9. Ya I see what your saying lol thanks
  10. call the company and ask them

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