Nutrients.... I must be doing something wrong.

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  1. I invested a decent amount of money in my setup. Unfortunately, I had to get local nutrients (second pic for ref). My girl is almost at week 3. She is pretty small. My soil is OMRI listed and has perfect PH but was way to strong for a seedling so I think that was the cause for the growth problem.

    If it matters I am growing one plant under a 400w HPS. Sea Soil, fan + carbon filter, PH meter, nutes.

    The nutrients I have is "Shultz All Purpose 10-15-10". I got the idea from the "Grow thread" below (I didn't follow this guide, only got nutrients from it because it was only local option).

    My plant looks healthy, I have used no nutrients yet. Firstly, I have not the first clue when to use nutrients or how much. I know this is a very nubby question but any tips or point in the right direction would be great.


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  2. there are lots of nuts just have to google them. my plant stop growing after about 2 weeks and i put blood and bone meal( about 5$ a bag) in the soil and it starting growing about .5 inch a day. and only had 14w t5s on it. but when you do find some nuts use very little! like 1 tbps for a gallon of water.. nuts can kill your plant fast if it doesnt like them. better to water the nuts down and see how your plant takes to it
  3. Schultz is basically the same as Miracle Grow. It will work fine for vegging. Follow the directions for indoor plants and use it every other watering, half strength the first couple of times. Switch to a flower food when you go to 12/12.

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