Nutrients For Coco Coir?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tripsteady, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys
    After much advice and deliberation ive decided to use coco coir for my first grow.
    My question is simple,in this medium what nutrients will i need from germination to budding?
    Just CANNA COCO A & B?
    Can anyone recommend anything else?

  2. So far its between

    - CANNA COCO A & B

    - Dutch Master GOLD ONE Grow + Flower

    - GENERAL HYDROPONICS FLORA SERIES(floragro,floramicro,florabloom)


    - ADVANCED NUTRIENTS(grow,micro bloom)

    - One of the above for veg and CANNA PK 13 - 14 for flowering

    Im leaning heavily towards Dutch Master GOLD ONE Grow + Flower as i can get 5L for $55 here in Sydney.Thoughts?
  3. Tripstedy, should be dj tripsteady anyway, how did you go? Which product did you use? Did you have to add enzymes? 1st time trying hydro, got the THC coco a&b and I'll get bloom during flower, heard to use silica as well, so more research whilst wait for clones to root. Hope you get this, been awhile, can't believe nobody helps but ask ed cover almost everything ( plus mAny more posts) but none answering this simple question without hours of reading. Hope to hear feedback, peace

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