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  1. New grower here! Thanks to all the informative posts by Rumpleforeskin and everyone else. You guys really helped me alot. I have my stealth closet set up with paneling lined with mylar, It is 6'wide, 8' tall and about 3ft deep. I have a 400hps light with 4" ducting cooling it with a 240cfm inline fan plumbed on the intake and exhaust. Co2 enrichment system, The works! I got most my ideas from Rumps plans, THANKS. My question is that I spent so much money and time on all my equipment that I am tapped for a couple of months so I haven't got to the bubble buckets yet. I want to do this when I can afford some good strains. I am doing a soil grow and I am about ready to start flowering. I am only using bag seed till I get a grow under my belt. What fairly inexpensive organic nutes can I use to get a good grow so I can save my hard earned money on my bubble buckets for next time. Or what combination of which. I have been looking at bat guano, bone meal, peat moss, but I dont know if I need to make a tea out of this how much to mix of each or when to feed what. Any help would be great. Got most of the stuff getting ready to go 12/12 next week!
  2. general hydroponics brand nutrients are faily cheap. they are not the best tho but it wouldnt make much sense if they were inexpensive and awesome. i, myself, use organic nutrients made by botanical. pure blend is what they are called. just be careful, they have seperate types. what i mean is they carry veg. soil nutrients and veg hydro nutrients. same with flowering nutrients. only difference is the hydro version has more concentrated nutrients. your plants dont need that kinda feeding in soil. hope this helped and good luck!
  3. actually I have bat guano, blood meal, and peat moss that is in seperate bags. I guess my question is how do I mix the nutrients to get the proper numbers without getting a deficiency or burning my fragile little babies. One material is 0-20-0 and one is like 10-5-20...These are just examples. How much nitrogen is safe? how much potassium is safe. Do I just mix the peat moss, bat guano, and blood meal in the soil or do I make a tea by putting nutrients in a pillow case and soak it in PH balanced water (like what I have read in other forums) and dilute it to feed the plants. I was told that total organic nutes takes the harshness out of the bud and gives a more pure high. Is this true? Sorry for the stupid questions I just want to get this right before I grow my Ed Rosenthol and Jack Herrer strains. I am a medical marajuana card holder and I just want the most effective way to treat my ailments. Thanks for your quick response. Grass City is the best!!!!!!:hippie::hippie:
  4. i would make a tea and then use the tea like you would nutrients. add the tea to the water ur feeding them. just keep the ppm between 400 and 800 for vegging.

    it makes me smile to hear people with ailments growing herb and improving their conditions! hopefully one day the whole world will figure out that medical marijuanna is a gift on earth.

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