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  1. Has anyone used this house and garden nute line I am thinking about running it next go but it is an expensive line for sure. Just wanted to hear some feedback.
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  2. I've never heard of it. But if you like growing perfect plants with no deficiencies I would give the nectar for the gods sample box sent to you for the price of shipping. Irregardless if you buy it or not I would go on YouTube and watch all their videos from that company. Scott Ostrander a genius and you can learn a lot about growing just watching the videos.

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  3. I'm already running nectar papa. Lol I tell you this all the time. ;)
  4. I ran the whole line of H&G on my last grow with no issues whatsoever. Maybe it's not used as much as G.H and A.N. and others, but I seem to like it. I also included Bud Candy from A.N. but the main nutrients were H&G. You should try their sample program first and see if you're happy with their nutes. It's only about $20 US and they pretty much send you a good amount of nutes for a good grow. This is what they sent me the first time I tried their sample program a couple of years ago. I agree that it's a bit on the expensive side, but I was able to get myself 2 sample programs, so that lasted me quite a while lol.
  5. I have no experience personally. But my buddy who grows on a much larger scale than me swears by this shit lol.
  6. I wasn't thinking about that lol
  7. Yea I believe when you do the calculations it works out to be around the same. This line is concentrated and the bottles are more expensive but make more gal. Of nutrients.
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  8. I love their Roots Excelulator so much I added it to my avatar. It's the bottle on the right hand lol.
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  9. Thank you for the tip on the sample pack I just sent an email over.
  10. No problem
  11. Better than Mykos? Or is it for cuts?

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  12. #cannabliss
    But it says seedling cutting early to mid veg

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