Nutrient deficiency week 6 of flower.

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  1. I’m growing 2 white widows and 2 girl guide platinum in pre buffered coco/perlite and I have an ongoing deficiency that I can’t figure out. I’m in week 6 of flower and I’m worried it’s going to catch up to my flowers. I’m running gh flora series at about 60% with 75% Cali magic and 50% koolbloom ph’d to 6.0 and ec 1.2 (0.2 without nutes) under a 600 watt hps in a 4x4. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Looks fungal. Are those pictures taken with a camera filter on? It’s hard to see what’s going on.
  3. No there’s no filter just the yellow from the light. Maybe this picture is a bit better

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  4. upload_2019-8-17_1-8-13.png
    Imma guess phosphorus deficiency.
    If you open your pictures with (freeware) and hit the autocorrect filter, you will have nicer pics.
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  5. Much better. Magnesium deficiency or fungal. Kinda leaning towards fungal. Try a tablespoon of epsom salt to a gallon of water- make sure the water is distilled or at the very least purified.
  6. i agree TJ my first thought was P def
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  7. Did you flush when you flipped from veg to Flowering ?
  8. What is your feeding schedule?
    Do you feed to run off?
    Do you feed plain water?
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
  9. I didn’t flush when I flipped over to flower, it seems like opinions were split on that.

    I feed at lights on and again halfway through, I always feed to run off and I always feed with nutrients. And thanks! Happy to be here and thankful for the help
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  10. Are you giving any bloom nutrients and cal may?
  11. Potassium. but it ain't bad for week 6 I wouldn't be to concerned
  12. What I was thinking only effects the upper leafs or upper part of the plant .
    I am not sure if your plant has a potassium def from high sodium levels or sodium block .
    Normally caused be not flushing when plant is flipped .
    Is the top of your grow medium have white looking stuff on it ?
    If it does then you might want to flush for a week but I don't like to flush when the plant is in flowering .
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  13. Thanks for the reply headhunter. I went back in my journal and I forgot I did a flush with Florakleen in early flower because my output ec was really high. I only flushed for 1 day then the next few days I dropped my nutrients to 25% before slowly working my way back up. There’s no white looking stuff on the medium that I can see.

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