Nutrient Burn? Or Def?

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  1. Just a quick question. Noobie here on my first grow.
    160w actual CFL
    1x "Kera Seeds" Amsterdam Cheese (Feminized)
    1x "Delicious Seeds" Critical Super Silver Haze (Feminized)
    2x "Sleestack" Skunk (Regular)
    Temp: 74-78F with lights on
    Medium: FFOF
    Nutrients: None
    Lights 18/6
    Age: Skunk seeds started Sept. 16th
            Cheese and SS Haze seeds started Sept. 22nd
    Last water: Oct 3rd, soil still moist below surface. Watered about 2.5 gallons with about .5 gal runoff.
    My Skunks look healthy green and happy but the Cheese and SS Haze show some color changes on the leafs.
    I believe the FFOF is just too hot for the Cheese and SS Haze but not sure. All seem to be happy and perked up during the day. Growth doesn't seem to be slowed or anything. I've looked hard for any pest and don't see any.
    So nute burn? Or is it a deficiency? Advise on options or should I just let them grow and not mess with them?
    Crappy cell pics:
    First pic is one of the Skunks. Second is the Cheese that I have the question about it is greener than it looks in the pic.
    Thanks in advance for the help :bongin:


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     how many waterings are you doing per week?
     it could be is just unstable genes.
    At that size its going to be hard to determine exactly what the problem is.
    Your soil may be hot. 
    in my experince fox farm is hot.
    I use a soiless medium if im not running hydro.
    The nutes form the ocean forest will be compleatly gone in a few weeks
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    Thanks for the quick reply
    So far no nutes because of the size and I know FFOF already has a bunch in it.
    I water by weight or checking the soil about a inch down. I just transplanted them last week. But when they where in the smaller cups and even now it's about every 3-4 days I water with just straight water.
    I know FFOF can be hot. I figure I will just let them keep growing.
    I am on a budget, but can anyone recommend good cheep nutes for veg and flower?
    I am gonna let them veg a bit more then kick to flowering. My goal for my first grow is a quick one, and about 2oz between 4 plants. Is 1/2oz per plant a reasonable goal?
  4. Yes most definetly a half o is reasonable. I do 6 plants per light and aveage 3-4 oz per plant.
    Depending on the style you grow your plants and number = yield
    what is your ph?
    If your not watering with nutes all i can say is it might be ph inbalance, unstable genetics, or hot soil.
    I know a few good places to order nutes and some online ones, wear do you live?
    Going organic or no?
    What size are your pots?
  5. Alright I figured that was a reasonable amount for a first grow. I just FIM'd one of the skunks like 5 mins ago and thinking about doing the other either tonight or in a day or two so I can see how the other reacts. I have never done it before.
    My PH is good, Im thinking it could just be the soil is a little too hot or just bad genetics. They are all still growing good and are happy just some discolor on the Cheese and a tiny bit on the SS Haze. But both have new growth so Im not freaking out too much.
    I live in the pacific northwest and there are your normal big box stores and a couple hydro shops around I just dont know what to get. I was thinking about just buying Fox Farm Tiger Bloom for flowering but the cheapest I found it is $16. I just didnt know if there was another that was close to it but maybe cheeper that people liked. I would like to go organic but Im not leaning either way really.
    Not sure on exact size but I believe
    2x 1.5gal
    1x 2gal
    1x 3gal
    I used almost 1.5 cubic feet of FFOF.
  6. ok becuase i see one plant is nice, some plants react differently to ph, sometimes its just the plant.
    I wouldent go anything less than a 2 gallon pot especially for seeds.
    2.5 gallons of water is waaaay to much.
    on a two gallon pot you can get away with using 1 liter of water every 2 days. 
    if your using even a gallon of water on a two pot its kind of extreme and not needed.
    Its better to keep them thirsty
    Roots grow faster when they are in search for water
    Overwatering can cause that look in the plant and 1 plant can react differently than another to overwatering.
    PLEASE do NOT buy fox farm nutrients.
    if you want to go cheap and still come out with a good product google search SUPERSOIL BY TGA. all you need to do is add plain water and its great for beginners. quality is excellent and yield is average.
    if you want yield and quality i recomend house and garden nutes. 
    If your in washington or close by im shure you can find some good deals.
    Cross refrence prices to a website called 
    if you call monster gardens they will give u a 5% off if you order online.
    Just a tip because i dont know any other shops that ship.
    My store is cheaper but they dont ship.
    Im in cali and we have rockbottom prices.
  7. Fiming is  great, i prefer to top first and then fim. going back to how much your watering. At this point in your plants life it doesent need much water. .5 gallon of runoff is not productive.  runoff is good when your using nutes. Salts build up in your soil and can cause nute lockout if you dont water to runoff. if you want your young plant to grow fast in early stages keep it thirsty. a plant can show signs of underwatering (drooping) and still be excellent. Overwatering slows down growth among other things. I wish you the best of luck with your grow! if the first one doesent turn out the way you want it to dont be discouraged it might take a time or two to get it locked in. Ive been having plants in non stop veg or bloom for 7 years straight and im still learning things daily 
  8. Thanks for all the advise and help.
    The pots are just random ones that I had laying around trying to do this on a budget. I'll get different/better pots next time. I'll go 2g or 3g next time. I'm kinda limited on space. My grow box is 20in deep x 4.5ft long x 4 feet tall. With pots and lights I figure I got 2.5ft of safe growing space.
    The only reason I watered so much that time was because When I transplanted them into the bigger pots I didn't water the soil before hand, so it was just dry soil. But I have chilled on the water since then.
    I won't buy FF nutes. I am gonna run to the hydro store this weekend and check out Garden Nutes. For my next grow I will check out SUPERSOIL or follow one of the organic recipes on here. It just felt a little overwhelming to try to make my own soil for my first grow.
    Yeah I won't get discouraged with this first grow I think overall it's going pretty good honestly. I've seen some on here that are way worse then mine, and I know some people personally who have grown and they aren't necessarily “The sharpest tool in the shed” so if they can do it I know I can for sure. And I am always wanting to learn and hear what other people do and suggest.
    I'm trying to still figure out when I should switch to 12/12. My goal is 2oz total and get it done ASAP. I'd love to be done by the end of the year or just after. I dunno if that is possible. Flowering time for the Cheese and SS Haze are 8-9 weeks and the Skunk is 10 weeks. And I know that is a estimated time from showing sex NOT switching the lights.
    A little pic update

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    Don't plant a seedling in a 2 gal container as suggested in a few posts earlier, it will be a nightmare to try to water and will take a long to time establishing the tap root. Plants need to be potted up as they grow to encourage strong root systems (unless it is an autoflowering variety.
    Your plants look good and any imperfections can probably be chalked up to you using 2.5 gallons of water in a single watering. I have 15 plants and I only use about 2 gallons when I water and most of them are out of seedling stage so they are drinking. Don't worry about run off in fact run off is nothing but micronutrients leeching out of your soil. 
    You will love going all organic, once you get it set up you can use the same soil forever and grow some really nice buds with water and compost teas only. Your plants look good now. Just let them do their thing and try not to mess with them too much... that is most beginners biggest mistake when getting started.
    Going with the FIM is a great call... never any need to top, all that does is prolong the time it takes to get to harvest. You can get much better results with FIM and LST. I normally wait until the 4th node forms and then snip the growth tip.
  10. These were all started in like 12oz cups and moved to these pots. The small ones were moved too soon I should have left them alone for a while longer. Yeah I look forward to going all organic on the next grow. Also next time I hopefully will be running LEDs and have more plants. Right now just working on a budget and am only $65.06 into this including everything so deff a budget grow.
    If you are in the market for LEDs be sure to check out for the Mars II brand. They have a thread here with a rep that makes sure all of us on GC are happy :)
  12. your plants look very nice, and i wouldn't do a thing beside for watching them grow.
  13. Thanks man!
    I just gonna let her do her thing. I figure nature will sort it out and if not I have 3 others. She's starting to look a little better, still discolored but growing so I'll leave her alone.

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