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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jamesboo, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Plagron Grow Mix | Hydroponic Wholesaler

    I am using Plagron grow mix, ^ basically it says it has enough nutrients for 3 weeks, so what should I use after that for the remaining 3 weeks of veg?

    I currently have for the flowering period;
    Terra Flores
    AN overdrive
    AN big bud

    Thanks if anyone could help it would be much Appreciated I was thinking terra vega?
  2. How long you want to vedge them for.. because you should wait to see true set of leaves before putting her on "hot soil". So it makes you to almost week 5 from seeds. At this point for one week you could start the Terra Flores. If you want to go for 2 months invest in a bottle of Terra Vega. Canna is good stuff.
  3. I just put them in as soon as they rooted, a bit early granted lol, so I’m really looking for advice on what I could start to use from 3 weeks to take me to week 6 for flower

    Basically what nutrient could I use to veg my plants for 3 weeks as the soil is going to run out lol?

    Thanks tho for your help
  4. Fox Farm Trio for soil? (the green trio)
  5. Terra Vega. And perlite. Your soil blend looks nice, if you can add perlite when pot up

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