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  1. has anyone ever done nutmeg ... i found info on it and it sounded interesting so i was just curious to here storys and all that good stuff... thanks
  2. never tried nutmeg but heard of the myth ps tried smoking banana skins once (dried) unfortunatley ineffective.
  3. I tried it one time I was very desperate for a buzz and read you can trip off of nutmeg if you eat like 5 grams of the stuff ground up. First off let me tell you you must have a strong stomach to attempt this. Also get something that you think might taste good with nutmeg cuz that stuff is good in baking stuff but then it is only used in tiny amounts 5 grams is alot and it doesnt go down that easy I used orange juice it killed the taste but hope none sticks to your mouth or youll gag try it, now I dont know about tripping but I wasnt normal for about a day.

  4. I have heard you have to eat so much of this stuff to get high it's ridiculous and not even worth it. Haven't tried it myself, but it's sure damn good in oatmeal cookies :D
  5. I read a lil bit about it cause i was interested but cause of the large amount required to get a buzz...and i heard it lasts up to 24 hours i decided not to bother....and if i need a buzz that bad...ill start to scavange
  6. well thanx for the replys ... dunno if i wanna try it but well see maybe mix wit some milk or ice

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